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Here’s how Bristol Uni students can support those affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

Turkish Society has organised several events to help raise money to provide support and aid

On Monday 6th of February, a devastating set of earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria, with the epicentre located 21 miles west of the city of Gaziantep.

The magnitude of the mainshock was a staggering 7.8, and this was followed by an unusually strong aftershock, causing widespread damage and tens of thousands of fatalities and injuries.

As of today (Monday 13th of February), the death toll stands at approximately 34,900, and this is expected to rise over the coming days.

Those who have survived are now battling plummeting temperatures as a deadly winter storm has hampered rescue efforts and threatens to claim even more innocent lives.

The Univerisity of Bristol Turkish Society has released a statement expressing their concern: “This hits home for many of us, where our families are struggling physically, mentally, and financially. Due to limited communications, we are patiently waiting to hear back from our friends and family”.

The full statement from Turkish Society can be found here.

Turkey has declared a fourth-level alert state, which includes an international call for help, and Turkish Society has organised several events to make it easier for Bristol students to play their part in the fundraising efforts.

Baking Goods


Join Turkish Society on Monday 13th of February, from 6 pm – 9 pm at the Multifaith Chaplaincy where they will be baking fresh goods to sell at their fundraising event the following day.

There is a £3 entrance fee, and tickets can be purchased either through the society app, which can be found through a link in their Instagram bio (@uob.turkishsociety) or on the day.

The entrance fee will cover the cost of ingredients, but any excess money will be 100% donated. All of the profits will go towards Red Cross Turkey x Syria Appeal.

Bake Sale


Outside of Senate House on Tuesday 14th of February, from 10 am until 5 pm, Turkish Society will be selling all of the baked goods made at the event.

Make sure to head down early to get the first choice of a range of goods, that includes everyone’s favourite classics as well as some traditional Turkish treats, such as Turkish salty pastry and Baklava.

Donation Drive


At the same time as the bake sale, Turkish Society will collect essential items to send to those who need them in Turkey and Syria.

The organisers have already received a sufficient amount of clothing donations and therefore will no longer be accepting them, instead, they are in urgent need of the goods that are listed above – particularly heaters and generators.

The society has kindly asked for people to bring along any spare boxes that they may have lying around as this will help with the packing process.

Bucketing will also be taking place outside Senate House, as well as across the University campus and in the city centre, so keep your eye out for these if you have any spare change to donate.

You can sign up to help at any of the events that have been mentioned in this article by clicking here.

The British Red Cross Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal Fundraiser page can be found here.

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