Meet the cast of Red Rose, the teen horror series keeping everyone up at night

They are a talented bunch

Red Rose is the latest teen horror series to join Netflix and it has had everyone shivering after every episode, hoping the dreaded app doesn’t reach their phone. The series was initially on BBC in 2022 but it has since been added to Netflix and is now in the number one spot on TV shows.

The horror series follows a group of friends who encounter the Red Rose app which gifts them with whatever they want so long as they follow the rules of the app. Things take a turn for the worse when one member of the group dies as a result of the app.

The Red Rose cast is filled with a bunch of fresh faces, with a few who made their TV debut on the show.

Amelia Clarkson – Wren

Amelia Clarkson stars as Wren Davis in Red Rose and she has starred in a number of high profile TV series over the years. Amelia played Aelflaed for 17 episodes in The Last Kingdom as well as Rosina in Poldark for 15 episodes. Her very first role was in 2009 as Elizabeth Marchwood in CBBC’s The Sarah Jane Adventures.

The 25-year-old is a massive vibe and her Instagram is full of jaw-dropping selfies and fun photos of her on holiday. Back in 2021, Amelia shared photos of her behind the scenes on the show and the cast all seem like fast friends. Amelia currently has 22,000 followers on Instagram and her handle is @amelia_jayne_clarkson.

Amelia recently shared her gratitude over Red Rose taking the number one spot on the top 10 TV programmes in the UK on Netflix. In an Instagram post, she said: “Number one baby. Unbelievably proud and grateful to be a part of the this show. Thank you to everyone who made it.”

Isis Hainsworth – Rochelle

Red Rose cast

via Instagram @isishainsworth

Red Rose viewers may recognise Rochelle for her role in Netflix’s Metal Lords. The movie followed two friends who try to form a heavy metal band with a cellist. Isis starred as Emily, alongside Jaeden Martell who viewers may recognise from Knives Out and It Chapter Two. Isis has also starred in the BBC’s Les Miserables TV series and her first role was in the 2016 mini series One of Us.

Isis Hainsworth is the girl we all either want to be or be friends with. Her Instagram is full of selfies and photos of her on holiday, on set and with her friends from Red Rose. The actress currently has 110,000 followers on Instagram and her handle is @isishainsworth.

Natalie Blair – Ashley

Red Rose cast

via Instagram @the_natalieblair

Natalie Blair stars as the quick-witted Ashley in Red Rose and was a core member of the dickheads group chat in the TV series. Red Rose is Natalie’s only TV credit but she is currently starring in Spring and Port Wine at the Octagon Theatre in Boston.

Natalie has shared loads of behind the scenes photos of her and the cast on set of Red Rose and in one post she shared her “hope” with her followers that they were enjoying the show. Natalie has just over 2,500 followers on Instagram and her handle is @the_natalieblair.

Harry Redding – Noah

via Instagram @redding_harry

Noah was the friend who didn’t really have a clue what was going on and Harry Redding was cast in the role in Red Rose. Like Natalie, Noah’s TV debut was on Red Rose and it is the only TV acting credit to his name.

Noah was recently in the West End’s To Kill A Mockingbird as Jem Finch. After just under 300 performances, Harry left the role in November 2022 and even starred in the show in America before it came to London. In an Instagram post, Harry said: “292 performances later. Goodbye Mockingbird West End and Jem Finch. Full of love and gratitude and thanks.”

Harry has just over 3,400 followers on Instagram and his handle is @redding_harry.

Ashna Rabheru – Jaya

via BBC

Ashna Rabheru is a 26-year-old actress who is in the cast of Red Rose and plays the role of Jaya. She is best known for her role in Indian Summers as Shamshad Dalal. Ashna starred in 19 episodes of the series alongside Julie Walters, Henry Lloyd-Hughes and Nikesh Patel. Ashna also starred in one episode of Netflix’s Sex Education as Gwen.

Ashna isn’t very active on her Instagram and her only post is the trailer of Red Rose, announcing it’d be going onto Netflix. Ashna currently has just under 350 followers on Instagram and her handle is @ashnarabheru.

Ali Khan – Taz

via Instagram @khanovichi

Taz is played by Ali Khan in BBC Three’s Red Rose. The 22-year-old has starred in ana rray of different TV series and movies including Netflix’s latest YA movie The School for Good and Evil. Ali’s latest role is in the TV series Everyone Else Burns as Joshua, alongside Simon Bird and Amy James-Kelly.

Ali’s Instagram has clean girl aesthetic all over it with perfectly edited photos as well as updates on his latest projects. Last year he confirmed he would be starred in the third Hercule Poirot film, alongside Hollywood greats including Kenneth Branagh, Michelle Yeoh and Tina Fey. Ali currently has 2,420 followers on Instagram and his handle is @khanovichi.

Ellis Howard – Anthony

via Instagram @ellisfrancishoward

Anthony is one of the members of the main friendship group in Red Rose and is played by Ellis Howard. Ellis’ first TV series was in Catherine the Great as Ivan VI. Ellis also worked in To Kill A Mockingbird in London’s West End alongside his co-star Harry Redding.

Ellis is also the founder of Step up for Scousers which is a non-profit initiative that raises money “to buy essential items for people” across Liverpool. Ellis launched the campaign when 322 Conservative MPs voted against free school meals for children. The campaign raised thousands of pounds when it was first launched and had support from the likes of Jamie Carragher.

Ellis has a similar following to Ali with 4,220 followers on Instagram. His handle is @ellisfrancishoward.

Red Rose is available on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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