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There are two major easter eggs people have missed on the Daisy Jones & The Six posters

How did I miss this?!

Eagle-eyed Daisy Jones & The Six fans have noticed two major easter eggs in the posters promoting the TV series. The easter eggs make a whole lot more sense if you’ve read the book as there is more added context to the story.

TikToker Cat Quinn has broken down a huge easter egg in two of the Daisy Jones & The Six posters and a lot of people are going to be kicking themselves that they didn’t notice it before.

In the video, she points out the differences in the sunglass reflections of the band members and it’ll no doubt confirm to fans how much a certain two loved one another.

Daisy Jones & The Six Spoilers ahead!

In the video, Cat explains how the poster of Billy Dunne has a reflection of Daisy and Camila in each sunglass lens, proving those are his two true loves. In a major contrast to Daisy’s sunglasses, her lens reflection as Billy, proving he was her only love. However, all the other people in the show do not have a reflection in their sunglasses.

Cat goes into more detail and she said: “Did anyone else notice this major easter egg in the posters of Daisy Jones and The Six? Everyone is wearing sunglasses and none of these sunglasses have reflections, but there are two exceptions. Billy who has Camila in one side and Daisy in the other, because he’s torn between his two loves.

“And Daisy who as Billy in one eye and Billy in the other eye, her only loves. I’m not okay.” Neither are we Cat, neither are we.


major Easter egg in the posters for Daisy Jones and the Six on Amazon! Did you notice this love triangle in the sunglasses of Daisy, Billy Dunn, and Camilla? I am not ok! I do wish Camilla had Billie in her shades tho! #daisyjonesandthesix #daisyjones #billydunne #camilladunne #amazon#greenscreen

♬ Look At Us Now (Honeycomb) [Single Version] – Daisy Jones & The Six

At the end of the original novel, we find out Billy and Daisy did truly love one another and it is so wholesome that was paid homage to in the posters for the series, teasing about is about to come.

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