This is how all the spiciest sex scenes are filmed in Netflix’s Sex/Life

‘We rehearsed them so much that it became like choreography’

Season two of Sex/Life has dominated the Netflix top 10 ever since it’s release and people are still just as obsessed about the steamy show just like when season one was released.

Sex/Life is one of Netflix’s more erotic TV shows, known for its overly spicy scenes and has even been dubbed “softcore porn” due to its sexual nature.

The show has equally gone viral over full frontal scenes in both seasons one and two. There are a lot of sex scenes in the series and there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to ensure it looks as authentic as possible.

Sex scenes Sex/Life

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Intimacy coordinator, Casey Hudecki, has revealed how they take the scenes from the page into the show. Casey said he treats the sex scenes like “stunts”. In case you weren’t aware, no one actually has physical sex when filming the show, and Casey said they are able to make it look so real through “camera tricks”.

He said: “My job was to help create that illusion and to make sure the actors just had time and space to assess their own boundaries, how to build that chemistry and comfort level between them, and then be specific about how we’re creating the illusion of sex.” Casey also added that a lot of padding is used to ensure the actors are “physically unscathed” when filming scenes involving cars and stairs.

Each sex scene in Sex/Life is written in full detail by creator Stacy Rukeyser. Hudecki explained: “She was very specific about what she wanted for the sex scenes because they were very story-driven. There was a reason behind all of them, there was a goal for each one.”

Sex scenes Sex/Life

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Mike Vogel, who plays Cooper in Sex/Life, also opened up about how they go about filming the sex scenes. In an interview with ET Online, Mike said: “Our intimacy coordinator did an incredible job. Every one of these scenes, prior to filming, was rehearsed. There was not one hand out of place, there was not a move that was made that was no expected, so you can go into these scenes feeling completely protected, completely taken care of.

“It allows you to concentrate more on the emotion and in what’s happening with these characters knowing that there are no surprises coming your way.”

“It allows you to concentrate more on the emotion and in what’s happening with these characters knowing that there are no surprises coming your way.”

Adam Demos, who sent fans wild after his full frontal scene in season one, stressed the importance of working with an intimacy coordinator on Sex/Life. He said: “We just would have so many rehearsals with them to make sure everyone understood what we were going to be doing in the scene, what we were comfortable with, and we rehearsed them so much that is becomes like choreography.

“There are no surprises and it becomes a lot less intimidating than what you’d think because you end up rehearsing those scenes more than anything else. Just making sure that you have an open line of communication, that everyone just feels safe.”

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