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A ranking of the most popular books by influencers based on their Goodreads rating

They’re a talented bunch!

One thing you wouldn’t expect when watching someone on a reality TV show is that they’d go on to write a book. Whether it’s their life story, a self-help book or a novel, it just seems far off their brand deals worlds. However, a lot of reality TV stars and influencers have done just that and gone on to write a book after being on the show that brought them fame. A lot of influencers turn to biographies, but a fair few have gone down the novel route and they’re actually pretty good. It’s safe to say you may be unlikely to read every single book an influencer publishes, so here is a ranking of their books based on their Goodreads rating.

13. Binky Felstead – Being Binky: My Life In Chelsea

Rating: 3.08 average

Reality TV stars book ratings

via Instagram @binkyfelstead

In 2014, Alexandra ‘Binky’ Felstead released a tell-all book about what it’s like being a “real Chelsea girl.” Binky was an original cast member on Made in Chelsea when the show launched in 2011 and her life changed drastically from a nine to five receptionist to one of TV’s most well-known faces.

The book has a 3.08 average rating on Goodreads with 186 ratings, with a three star majority. The official synopsis reads: “Charting her overnight rise to fame and exploring her life outside of Made in Chelsea, for the first time, Binky opens up about her childhood, the bullying she was victim to at school and the difficulties of dealing with her parent’s divorce.

“She talks candidly about body image, and dieting, and shares her beauty regime top tips. Being Binky lifts the lid on one of the series’ favourite characters and provides a backstage pass to the secret and exclusive world of Chelsea.”

Binky also has another book, The Making of You, which was released in February 2023. The book is described as a “guide to finding your identity and bossing motherhood.”

12. Ollie Locke – The Islands of Fandye

Rating: 3.12 average

Reality TV stars book ratings

via Instagram @ollielockeworld

Rating: 3.12 average

Reality TV stars book ratings

via Instagram @ollielockeworld

A lot of readers are divided over the book, with some not enjoying it with others crediting Ollie’s “vivid imagination”. One review said: “Ollie clearly has a vivid imagination. There are some really interesting ideas and some quite good metaphors. He doesn’t shy away from dark themes, which is refreshing. The story is not overrun with cliches, either. It is a truly interesting and unique tale.”

Ollie Locke has one other book, Laid in Chelsea, a “witty, surprising, touching, downright hilarious and always honest” insight into the world of Chelsea through the eyes of Made in Chelsea alum Ollie Locke.

11. Spencer Matthews – Confessions of a Chelsea Boy

Rating: 3.24 average

Reality TV stars book ratings

via Instagram @spencermatthews

Spencer Matthews released his memoir in 2013, telling all about his life before Made in Chelsea, growing up on St Barths and the loss of his brother, Michael. The book has a 3.24 average rating on Goodreads with 187 ratings and a lot of the reviews dubbed the memoir as an “interesting read.”

One review said: “I found that I never wanted to put the book down and was constantly flying through, especially when he mentioned his drug experiences. I would recommend this to everyone as you don’t need to know anything about Spencer or even like him before reading this. This book has totally changed my perception of him.”

The official synopsis reads: “A deliciously entertaining, incredibly honest memoir by the most talked-about star of Made in Chelsea. Charming, funny, a good friend, a less than perfect boyfriend, Spencer Matthews is one of the most talked about stars of Made in Chelsea. But what lies behind his sometimes controversial behaviour?”

10. Yewande Biala – Reclaiming: Essays on finding yourself one piece at a time

Rating: 3.32 average

Reality TV stars book ratings

via Instagram @yewande_biala

Yewande Biala starred on the 2019 series of Love Island and became a fan favourite after wowing viewers with her intelligence and no-nonsense attitude. Yewande’s book stemmed from an essay she wrote about the “debilitating effects of having your name constantly mispronounced or changed.”

The book has only been rated 34 times on Goodreads and so it isn’t the most accurate representation of how many people enjoyed the book, but it has a 3.32 average. Every single review of the book is glowing, with one Goodreads user writing: “Don’t expect a fluffy piece just because she was on Love Island, she wants people to walk away having learned something, and with a new viewpoint.”

The official synopsis reads: “Each essay covers a different topic, affirming that maintaining your sense of self in a world that is not supportive of you is difficult, but not impossible. Nuanced, distinctly sharp, and full of wit, Reclaiming holds a mirror up to us all, and encourages us to like what we see.

9. Molly-Mae Hague – Becoming Molly-Mae

Rating: 3.36 average

via Instagram @mollymae

Another influencer on the books ranking is Molly-Mae. In 2022, Molly-Mae Hague published her book, Becoming Molly-Mae and although its arrival received a mixed reception, the book has a 3.36 average rating on Goodreads with over 700 ratings. The reviews on the book were mixed, with a lot of people thinking 23 years old was a bit too young for a memoir.

The book became a number one best-seller on Amazon in just one day and she signed copies of her memoir to hundreds of fans at a sold out book signing after it was released. The official synopsis reads: “Molly-Mae is no stranger to the limelight, having found fame on TV and online. But behind the polished exterior there is a young girl with a unique story. It’s the Molly not everyone gets to see.”

8. Chloe Sims – The Only Way Is Up: My Story

Rating: 3.39 average

Reality TV stars book ratings

via Instagram @chloe_simsstarship

Chloe Sims rose to fame on the hit show The Only Way Is Essex and it turned her world upside down. Chloe went from a single mother “struggling to make ends meet doing a string o jobs she hated” to one of the most well-known faces on the television.

With just under 300 ratings, The Only Way Is Up: My Story has a 3.39 average on Goodreads, with a majority rating of three stars. The official synopsis reads: “Say the name Chloe Sims and most people think of the hugely entertaining, bubbly and glamorous Essex girl on the hit ITV show The Only Way Is Essex.

“But there is more to Chloe than viewers see on the TV, and the drama doesn’t stop when the camera stops rolling.”

7. Amber Gill – Until I Met You

Rating: 3.44 average

via Instagram @amberrosegill

An influencer in the middle of the books ranking is Amber Gill. The former Love Island winner made her debut in the writing world in 2022 in a stunning romantic novel, Until I Met You. The summer romance novel received a positive reception when it was released and it has a 3.44 average on Goodreads. With over 1,800 ratings, the book has a glowing response on Goodreads.

One user reviewed the book and wrote: “I’m in love! Loved the characters, loved the storyline, just loved everything! I need a second book please.” The official synopsis reads: “It was meant to be the holiday of a lifetime, a chance to extend her travel blog, her best friends’ wedding and perhaps, if her friends were correct, her own proposal.

“Until Samantha found herself on her way to Tobago along – and single. She needed to rest. She didn’t need to come face to face with the most unhelpful man on the island.”

6. Gemma Collins – The GC: How to Be a Diva

Rating: 3.73 average

via Instagram @gemmacollins

Gemma Collins has been a household name for longer than anyone can imagine and she shows no signs of stopping that. Gemma’s How to Be a Diva offers advice on how to make men fall at your feet, have riches bestowed on you and the bounciest hair ever.

The book was released in 2019 and it has a 3.73 average on Goodreads. This isn’t Gemma’s first book as in 2013 she released her first memoir, Basically…: My Life as a Real Essex Girl, which has a 3.76 average rating on Goodreads.

5. Chris Hughes – You Bantering Me?

Rating: 3.77 average

via Instagram @chrishughesofficial

In 2018, Chris Hughes released his life story and everything he did up to becoming a massive star off the back of Love Island. The book as a 3.77 average on Goodreads and he hasn’t written anything since.

The official synopsis reads: “Chris Hughes walked away from the sizzling hot, smash hit show Love Island as its biggest star. Viewers fell in love with this cheeky, happy-go-lucky guy who surprised people by being unafraid to show his vulnerable side just as readily as having a laugh with his mates in the sun.

4. Camilla Thurlow – Not the Type

Rating: 3.79 average 

via Instagram @camillathurlow

Camilla Thurlow became the nation’s sweetheart after starring on Love Island in 2018 and she only continued her legacy in 2020 with the release of her book. Not the Type has a 3.79 average rating on Goodreads and it is a memoir about her life experiences before Love Island, letting readers in on her job before the show.

The official synopsis reads: “Camilla Thurlow came second on Love Island in 2017. More recently, she impressed viewers in Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins. But that’s not the most interesting part…” A lot of people enjoyed the book with a majority rating of four stars on Goodreads.

3. Ovie Soko – Your Are Dope

Rating: 3.87 average

via Instagram @oviesoko

Ovie Soko released his first book in 2020, a self-help book to help people find their peace and how to love and embrace themselves. The wholesome book has a 3.87 average rating on Goodreads, with a majority of five star ratings.

The official synopsis reads: “Whatever’s happened before is in the past. Just do your thing. Don’t fight yourself, because that will make you more frustrated than anything. At the end of the day, it’s the small gestures that speak the loudest.”

2. Dani Dyer – What Would Dani Do?

Rating: 3.89 average

via Instagram @danidyerxx

Dani Dyer’s “unique take on the world and guide to living your most authentic life” became a Sunday Times bestseller when it was released in 2019. She won Love Island in 2018 and ever since has had a career of dreams.

Dani’s book has a 3.89 average rating on Goodreads and reveals everything from her dating life to everything going on in the Dyer household. The official synopsis reads: “Dani Dyer stole the nation’s heart with her genuine warmth and honest personality when she won Love Island. She proves you don’t need to succumb to peer pressure, be swayed by all too perfect Insta-images or behave in a way that’s not true to who you are.

“Her first book shows she is wise beyond her years as she shares her experiences around growing up, bullying, relationships, insecurities and living in the spotlight.”

1. Vicky Pattison – The Secret to Happy

Rating: 4.15 average

via Instagram @vickypattison

An influencer who tops the books ranking is Vicky Pattison. Vicky Pattison’s The Secret to Happy was released in 2022 and is a self-help book on how to “quash your inner doubts, overcome fear and live a happier life.” The Geordie Shore star’s book became an immediate Sunday Times bestseller and received a major positive reception and it has a 4.15 average on Goodreads.

One user reviewed the book and said: “I didn’t realise just how much I needed this book, and some of the information within it hit closer to home than I thought it would. First experience of listening to this was great and it won’t be the last, looking forward to listening again and even debating buying a physical copy.”

This isn’t the first book Vicky has written and she has five other books under her belt. She has released one memoir, three novels and a fashion and fitness books over the years.

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