Stephen Bear may have to sell home to pay back money made from Georgia Harrison video

‘He shouldn’t be allowed to benefit from that criminal activity’

Stephen Bear may have to sell his Essex house and car to pay back the money he made from posting a video with Love Island’s Georgia Harrison on his OnlyFans, without her consent.

Bear was recently sentenced to 21 months in prison for posting the video without Georgia’s consent online. He was convicted with one count of voyeurism and two counts of disclosing private videos.

Chelmsford Crown Court heard 273 people paid $9.99 each to watch the video, which meant Bear earned roughly £2,100 from the video. It has been largely reported Stephen Bear earned just under £40,000 from October 2020 until his OnlyFans account was deactivated in December of that year.

According to the Mirror, Bear posted the video with the caption: “Morning everyone. Can’t wait for you to see my f***ing in my garden. Here’s a sneak peak. I will be dropping this video tonight.”

Judge Christopher Morgan arranged a schedule for a Proceeds of Crime Act hearing once Bear was sentenced. A Proceeds of Crime Act hearing is an action which is taken when a defendant has profited financially from a crime. To ensure Bear’s crime does not pay, the Crown collects funds from the defendant.

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Hannah Von Dadelszen, deputy chief crown prosecutor for CPS East of England, said: “We have started the process for there to be a Proceeds of Crime assessment in relation to Mr Bear. He committed these offences to make money off it, and we think it’s right that he shouldn’t be allowed to benefit from that criminal activity. It’s not a large amount of money in this case but the principle still stands whether or not the sum of money is large.”

Hannah Von Dadelszen said Bear would be forced to sell any assets he has to pay the debt if he does not have the money. During the sentencing, his barrister, Gemma Rose said Bear was struggling to make mortgage payments and was worried about losing his house due to not making any money as a result of the trial.

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