Uni of York wins College Varsity competition against Durham University

This is York’s first ever away win at Varsity

The University of York has been crowned the winner of this year’s College Varsity competition against Durham University. With the competition taking place in Durham this year, this is York’s first away win at Varsity.

The competition, which takes place every year, sees the most successful sports teams from the uni’s colleges compete against each other across a wide range of sports. For each sport, there is an A fixture, where a win is worth five points, and a B fixture, worth three points.

Winning in 17 of 32 fixtures, York beat Durham in the competition with an overall score of 65-63. This is the third consecutive win for York since 2020, with the 2021 competition having been cancelled.

Derwent College’s winning football and squash teams

Amongst the winning teams were Derwent Men’s Football, who beat John Snow College 6-3. Speaking to The York Tab, Derwent First Team captain, Henry Burns-Egler, said that it was “amazing” to win in Durham again. He said: “we’ve won everything in York and it feels great to test ourselves against the best Durham had to offer and to continue our streak of winning at varsity”. Derwent College also won in the men’s rugby against Hatfield College and the mixed squash fixture.

Whilst James College’s men’s football team lost 3-2 to Collingwood College, the college’s women’s team brought home a win for York, beating Collingwood 4-1.

James College also saw success in netball, and in both the mixed and men’s badminton fixtures.

Constantine Hockey Club and Goodricke Squash

Looking to our East Campus colleges, Langwith won in three of their fixtures, including mixed badminton, pool and darts. Meanwhile, Constantine beat Van Mildert 4-0 in one of the mixed hockey fixtures, securing the clubs first victory in the finals.

Goodricke College also saw success at varsity, winning in the men’s badminton and in mixed squash.

Hes East volleyball

Hes East volleyball won their fixture with a 3-0 score against John Snow college in what they described on their Instagram as an “extremely tough” but an “incredible” game.

Hes East also won the women’s touch rugby, alongside Vanbrugh College, whilst Hes West brought home a victory in the mixed lacrosse fixture.

The success of York’s colleges today has brought home York’s third consecutive varsity victory since 2020, with the 2021 competition having been cancelled. This is also York’s first away win at Varsity.

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