MAFS UK stars Marilyse and Matt have split up a month after saying they wanted to get married

‘It just is what it is’

MAFS UK stars Marilyse Corrigan and Matt Murray have confirmed they have broken up via separate statements on their Instagram accounts.

The pair were both on separate seasons of Married at First Sight Australia and they met off-camera and soon got into a relationship.

The couple have now announced they have broken up. In a post to her Instagram story, Marilyse said: “I’ve received multiple messages asking if Matt and I are still together. Out of respect to you guys and the support you’ve given us, of course it’s only fair to be clear. So, the answer to this is no we are no longer together anymore but I do wish Matt all the best for his future.”

Matt has also confirmed the split on his Instagram story, echoing a similar message to Marilyse. “A lot of you over the past couple of weeks have asked questions about me and Marilyse being together or not,” he said. “As a lot of you have probably just seen on Marilyse’s story, no, we are not together anymore. We decided to leave it there. But again, I just wish Marilyse all the best in the future. It just is what it is.”

Just last month, he and Marilyse told OK Magazine they had plans to get married and have a baby. Speaking to OK!, Matt said: “For me, the future of our relationship is extremely bright. Sometimes, the more and more you learn about somebody, the more it puts you off, but this has gone the opposite way. We’re just clicking.”

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