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Married at First Sight Australia’s Jesse claims producers asked him to write an ick list

Apparently he ‘hated’ what the list was called

Married at First Sight Australia star Jesse Burford has claimed he was asked by producers to write his dating “ick list”.

Jesse ruffled viewers’ feathers when he noted everything that gave him the ick when it came to dating, including “chicks who pout” and “star sign chicks“. The former TV groom has since claimed it wasn’t his idea to write the list, but instead he was encouraged to do so by producers on the show.

Married at First Sight Australia Jesse

via Nine Network Australia

Speaking on the So Dramatic podcast, Jesse said: “I sat in an interview for two hours. I told producers about my entire life, and they picked 30 seconds where I pulled out a list that they asked me to write.”

Jesse did admit the things he wrote on the list were genuine things he wouldn’t find attractive, but “hated” it being called an ick list. “There’s such a negative connotation to it. We all have things that we’re not attracted to, they were mine,” he added.

During the episode where viewers saw him meet Claire for the first time, Jesse told producers he brought his ick list with him. In the promo, he said: “I actually brought it. All my turnoffs [are women who are] addicted to their phone, motivational quotes, vanilla, basic, boring. [Those who] don’t listen and don’t even let you speak. Star sign chicks, drama queens.”

Jesse’s hoped for a woman that wasn’t into star signs fell short when he met Claire. One of the first questions Claire asked him was what his star sign was, but he said he’d get into it for her. Their relationship took a drastic turn when Claire kissed another groom on the show.

via Nine Network Australia

Claire and Jesse left the experiment after the cheating scandal was revealed and they don’t keep in touch with each other either. Claire recently said: “Jesse seems to be doing great. Jesse is not really one to be like, ‘How are you doing? How are you feeling?’ So I’m not really sure how he really feels about me.”

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