MAFS Australia’s Josh slams Melissa’s ‘despicable’ comments about his ex-wife

He said he is still hurt by Melissa’s remarks

Married at First Sight Australia’s Josh White has slammed his TV wife, Melissa Sheppard, for saying he was going through a “messy divorce” during the experiment.

Prior to his on-screen romance with Melissa, Married at First Sight Australia’s Josh was going through a divorce, something he didn’t comment on while he and Melissa were on the show together.

When Melissa and Josh both exited the experiment together, Melissa said in an interview Josh was going through a “messy divorce” with his real-life ex-wife.

via Nine Network Australia

In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, MAFS Australia groom Josh said the comments made by Melissa were “pretty despicable” as she had “nothing to do” with his past relationship. He said: “It wasn’t a messy divorce, but even if it was, I think it’s pretty despicable for someone that has nothing to do with my relationship with my ex-wife to comment on that the way she did.”

“I never spoke about my ex-wife on the show. I think that she deserves the utmost respect,” Josh added. “I would never talk about her. [My ex] did not apply for the show, she didn’t go through the experience, and I have the utmost respect for her. I would never talk about her private manner like that.”

Josh has also slammed the comments made by his MAFS Australia wife Melissa. Melissa previously claimed he [Josh] cried “crocodile tears” while on the show. “They weren’t crocodile tears,” he said. “They were real tears from someone who had gone through a difficult experience.”

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