Awkward! These are the biggest editing fails on Married at First Sight Australia 2023

Why are we not talking about Harrison talking into his shirt?!

Eagle-eyed Married at First Sight Australia viewers have spotted a number of editing fails during this year’s show and honestly, it’s so chaotic.

Former cast members have said the show is not staged or scripted in the slightest but sometimes they have to repeat certain sentences or actions so it’s all caught on camera. While this may be the reason for so many of these fails, no one can be too sure.

From changing manicures to earpieces, here are all the times the editing went wrong during Married at First Sight Australia 2023.

Harrison’s ‘evidence’ had parts ripped out

MAFS Australia editing

via Nine Network Australia

During the Married at First Sight reunion episode, Harrison rocked up to the dinner party with messages Bronte sent to the woman who Harrison was said to be “seeing” before their wedding.

In the trailer for the reunion episode, Harrison had a full piece of A4 paper but in the episode two of the sides had been ripped off. Nothing was all that shocking in the messages, and it ended in a lot of the cast laughing at Harrison’s attempt to expose Bronte.

One of Tayla’s wedding guests had an earpiece

MAFS Australia editing

via Nine Network Australia

During Tayla’s wedding, viewers noticed the man who was walking her down the aisle was wearing an earpiece in his ear. Um, what? The earpiece was only season for a couple of seconds when the guest turned his head and everyone is desperate to know why.

The colour of Claire’s nails changed just moments apart

During the episode where Claire tells Jesse she kissed Adam, her nails randomly change colour. In the first scene, where Claire wakes up, each of her nails are painted a different colour but when the scene changes to her discussing the kiss with Sandy, she has a completely new manicure.

MAFS Australia editing

via Nine Network Australia

Some fans did point out that the scenes could have been filmed weeks apart and the scenes were obviously stitched together.

Bronte’s sister bridesmaid dresses changed colour

via Nine Network Australia

The very first episode saw Bronte and Harrison tie the knot but some viewers were more focused on the changing colour of Bronte’s sister’s bridesmaid dress. Halfway through the ceremony, it looked like the bridesmaids had all changed dresses from a light blue to a darker blue.

via Nine Network Australia

However, it has since been confirmed the dresses hadn’t changed and was simply the time of day that affected the colour of the dresses. Daily Mail Australia confirmed with production “the difference in colour was due to the time of day affecting the lighting or a colour correction fail in post-production.”

Janelle was on two different sofas during the commitment ceremony

via Nine Network Australia

During one of the commitment ceremonies, which UK viewers would’ve just watched, fans noticed Janelle was in two different locations. Janelle was sat on the sofa in front of the experts but the next scene cut to Harrison’s reaction but Janelle was sat next to him.

via Nine Network Australia

The shot was pulled from another scene when Janelle was sat next to him and it made it seem that Harrison was actually smirking at Janelle’s tears.

Harrison randomly began speaking into his shirt

During a dinner party episode, viewers noticed Harrison grabbing the collar of his shirt and speaking into it via the lapel microphone.

The caption read: “Harrison talking into this mic probably saying, ‘Get me the f**k out of here'”.

Season nine groom Jackson Lonie said it was most likely Harrison telling the producers he needed to go to the bathroom. I guess we’ll never know!

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