Here’s what our favourite CEOs Melinda and Layton have been up to since the show ended

They spent Christmas together🥺🥺

Melinda and Layton have been the couple no one was too sure of on MAFS Australia, but they have proved everyone wrong and are one of the strongest couples to leave the experiment.

With the show no longer airing in Australia, it begs the question of what this year’s golden couple are both doing now and if they are still together. So here’s everything we know about the couple and what they’ve been doing since the experiment ended.

They are still together!!

Melinda and Layton MAFS Australia

via Instagram @melindarichelle

Everyone can stop biting their nails because Melinda and Layton are very much still together. The pair have been posting photos together on their respective Instagram accounts and they have confirmed that they stayed together after the final vows.

Melinda admitted it was difficult watching herself and Layton back on the show, saying it was tougher than the experiment. She said: “It really, really tested us way beyond our limits that you see in the show. As soon as it aired, we were like, ‘I’m not talking you!’

“But we got over it when we actually thought we wouldn’t, and survived the pressure cooker and bubble that is MAFS. I feel like that we’re a lot stronger now.”

They were on a double date with Tahnee and Ollie a couple of weeks ago

In late March, Melinda and Layton were pictured on a double date with Tahnee and Ollie, the only other couple still together from this year’s season. The group visited the Van Gogh Alive exhibition and were all smiles.

Layton might be moving to Brisbane soon

Layton has revealed that he hopes to move to Brisbane at some point. Melinda’s home is in Brisbane and Layton’s is in Sydney but they have had the discussion of making the big move.

“I love the city. I think it’s awesome. So we’ve just been waiting for the show to finish airing to sort out timings, and what that looks like,” Layton told Woman’s Day.

They are planning on adopting a dog together

Melinda and Layton MAFS Australia

via Instagram @laymills

A move is clearly imminent as the couple said they want a dog! How cute! Melinda said she wants an Italian greyhound because it’s her as a dog she joked.

Omg, they spent Christmas together!

Following their final vows, in November 2022, Layton said they had a small amount of time to enjoy themselves as a couple.

He said: “We’ve had some awesome holidays together – we spent Christmas together, and did Valentine’s Day – we had this beautiful honeymoon period – but then the show airs.”

They no longer speak to Harrison

via Instagram @melindarichelle

Melinda revealed that she and Layton aren’t the best of friends with their co-star Harrison anymore. While on the show they did butt heads after Harrison told Layton he was in a “toxic relationship” with Melinda.

Melinda said she and Layton recently saw Harrison at an event but they quickly left. “You just can’t talk to him for too long – or really trust him,” she explained. “So before he can get in our head again, I just said, ‘We’re going!'”

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