MAFS Australia ‘villain’ Tayla says she flat out regrets going on the show

‘We are all struggling quite a lot’, she tells The Tab

Married at First Sight Australia is not as easy a show to be on as it may seem. From long filming hours to possibly not finding the love of your life, the process can be quite draining and for MAFS Australia bride, Tayla Winter, the toll it took was unimaginable.

Tayla joined the experiment as a latecomer with Hugo and their relationship didn’t make it to the final vows as they failed to connect on an physical and emotional level. In a candid conversation with The Tab, Tayla spoke at length about her regrets on the show.

MAFS Australia Tayla

via Nine Network Australia

“I regret it [Married at First Sight Australia] because of my portrayal,” Tayla told The Tab. “We are all struggling quite a lot. It’s taken its toll that’s for sure,” she continued.

Tayla admitted she was incredibly homesick while on the show and missed her family who were in Tasmania. In video diaries seen by The Tab, Tayla explained she and Hugo were moving into the apartments with the other couples and although she was “excited”, she was desperately missing home.

MAFS Australia Tayla

via Tayla Winter

“I really miss home, I really want to go back to Tassie,” she said. “Flights are like one thousand dollars this weekend though which sucks. Next week they’re way cheaper so I’m hoping depending when the dinner parties and ceremonies are I can come home. I don’t fit in.”

Tayla has also received a wave of hate messages from trolls, which she has described as intense. She told The Tab: “It’s important for people to realise how heavily edited reality TV is because the bullying that comes with these shows is intense.” Thankfully Tayla has a good support network of friends, family and co-workers who have been defending and supporting her.

Despite the struggles she faced during the experiment, Tayla feels lucky to have made a number of friends. She told The Tab she is still in contact with a number of cast members including Harrison, Tahnee, Adam, Alyssa and Jesse. Through the positive friendships she made on the show, Tayla said she can’t regret her decision “entirely”.

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