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An in-depth rundown of the infamous butt dial scandal set to take over MAFS Australia

I can’t believe this is real life

The infamous butt dial scandal on MAFS Australia is being played out on screens in the UK and the entire situation is just as bizarre as it sounds.

In a plot that seems like it was taken out of a 2012 soap drama, it rocks all the couples with Sandy and Dan being one in particular.

If you can’t wait to find out how it all unfolds over the coming weeks, here is the MAFS Australia butt dial scandal explained fully.

It starts with Evelyn telling Rupert he butt dialled her

MAFS Australia butt dial

via Nine Network Australia

After an incredibly boozy boys night night out, viewers see Evelyn and Rupert catch up in the morning. Evelyn goes on to tell Rupert he had accidentally butt dialled her and she heard absolutely everything.

“I don’t know if you remember this, but you accidentally butt dialled me,” she began. Evelyn told producers she “naturally” had to listen in when she realised what had happened.

“I unfortunately heard what two of the husbands were saying about their wives,” she continued. “Hugo and Dan. Specifically Dan. I heard it so clear. Some of the husbands in this experiment are very sneaky and manipulative, and I can see right through it and I feel bad for the wives involved.

“I would not forgive myself if I did not tell the girls. They need to be called out for it. It was disgusting.”

Evelyn then tells Sandy what Dan said behind her back

Evelyn eventually decided the right thing to do was tell Sandy what she had heard from Dan.

She told the cameras: “If that was me, and I was trying to work at a marriage and behind my back someone was slagging me off, I would absolutely want to know about it. I’m nervous but I know it’s the right thing to do.”

Sandy and Evelyn meet up in the hallway of the apartments and the intruder bride reveals to Sandy what she heard on the phone.

Sandy and Evelyn meet up in the hallway of the apartments and the intruder bride reveals to Sandy what she heard on the phone.

Shocked by what she had heard, Sandy tells Evelyn Dan had told her he was out with his daughter before Evelyn told her he was out with the boys.

Evelyn broke the tough news of what Dan had said on the night out. She said: “He was insinuating that he was too good for the experiment, and too good for you.

“Once I asked Rupert what was going on, he told me that he was showing all the boys photos of his ex-girlfriend, and boasting about how hot his ex-girlfriends were.”

Sandy replied: “It was after he slept with me and decided now that… anyway.” Sandy told Evelyn she was glad she knew the truth as she thought she was “going crazy”.

MAFS Australia butt dial

via Nine Network Australia

A heartbroken Sandy burst into tears when talking to the cameras. “He can’t even respect me to say the least,” she began.

“Everything I had to face to be here, and I’m with this person. I’m generally a strong person. I try and treat everyone with kindness, and I try not to disrespect anyone. I came here with such high hopes, that I’d meet someone who would respect me and love me for who I am.”

Following their conversation, Sandy moves out of the apartment she shared with Dan. Dan told cameras: “Sandy went out, unannounced. From what I heard, Sandy has since spoken to Evelyn, and Evelyn had caught wing of some conversations that happened on a boys’ get together, and then she left. It’s really disappointing.”

The butt dial bombshell is revealed to the whole cast at the following dinner party

During the pre-dinner drinks, Evelyn began to tell the other brides what she heard Dan say over the phone.

“I heard Dan saying some nasty sh*t. I know for a fact he was showing them [the boys] how hot his previous ex-girlfriends were,” she said.

“Rupert came back drunk and told me Dan was holding up pictures of his ex-girlfriends, belittling Sandy and saying his other girlfriends were way better looking than Sandy was.”

Evelyn also dished that Hugo had been saying some things about his wife, Tayla, too. Evelyn approached Hugo and asked him to tell her the truth and he said he had “complained” about the first two weeks, all things that had been said in front of everyone before.

MAFS Australia butt dial

via Nine Network Australia

The model was having none of it and said: “You said you couldn’t stand her and you called her a ‘see you next Tuesday’.” Hugo admitted saying he couldn’t stand Tayla but not calling her a “see you next Tuesday”.

“I feel pretty blindsided by this, I was out, I was drunk. I thought I was in a safe space with the guys and just vented,” Hugo said.

When Dan strolled in on his own, Evelyn was determined to get the truth. When confronting him about showing photos of his ex-girlfriends, he said: “Ah that’s just what I was about to say.

“Rupert asked me if I have a type and coming in here I never thought I did, but one of the things I’ve learned coming in here is I actually do have a type. And that type is someone who is quite active and into fitness and all that kind of stuff.”

Dan later apologised about his actions and said he was “really sorry” for how he made her feel.

MAFS Australia butt dial

via Nine Network Australia

The drama continued on into a tense commitment ceremony

During the fourth commitment ceremony, the grooms had to face the experts and explain the butt dial fiasco. Dan and Sandy were the first couple on the couch and the bride began to cry recalling all she had heard.

Dan apologised again to Sandy and admitted “it wasn’t right” to have the conversation he had with the other grooms. The couple eventually revealed they both wrote leave.

“I came here with an expectation that I was going to find someone that can really join me on my love of the ocean and the adventure,” Dan said. “The beach and the ocean is calling me, I have to go home.”

via Nine Network Australia

Sandy added: “I miss my family, I want to go home and apologise to my parents. I didn’t come here to be disrespected, I came here to meet my person.”

It was then Tayla and Hugo’s turn on the couch and expert John Aiken told the groom “character assassinations is totally unacceptable and disrespectful.”

Tayla opted to write leave on her card while Hugo wrote stay. The night ended with Tayla saying she was going back home to Tasmania.

Harrison told the group he didn’t think the butt dial happened

via Nine Network Australia

Harrison made his opinion known on the butt dial scandal and told the group he didn’t think it happened. During the retreat, Harrison reaffirmed his point about the butt dial drama and was backed up by Bronte.

While on the retreat, Harrison and Bronte revealed they had tried to recreate the scenario and everyone was really confused.

“You staged a butt dial?” Claire asked. “To what? To bring Evelyn down? For what purpose?”

Evelyn was once again having none of it and back herself up. “Hold on a minute,” she said.

“Harrison… look at me. There was a butt dial. I’m not a liar. I can’t keep telling you this over and over again, when there literally was a butt dial.”

“You can keep telling me over and over again,” he replied. “Doesn’t mean I’m going to believe it!”

via Nine Network Australia

The drama continued with Harrison questioning if Evelyn heard what Rupert had said about her. Rupert stuck up for himself and his bride and denied ever saying anything bad about Evelyn.

“Harrison, I don’t appreciate you trying to throw Rupert under the bus,” Evelyn said. “And trying to insinuate he has spoken badly about me just then, to get one up over me. I don’t like that. I know what you’re doing right now, and you need to stop.”

At the reunion, Hugo claimed Dan said he ‘couldn’t stand’ Sandy

via Nine Network Australia

In unseen footage, Hugo claimed to producers that Dan told the boys he “couldn’t stand” Sandy. Hugo claimed Dan said: “She is the last person I would be attracted to. She’s 100 per cent not my type.”

The moment was played to the group and everyone was fuming. Sandy wasn’t phased by the comments sand said: “To be honest, there’s probably much worse things that have happened during the experiment that I don’t know about.”

via Nine Network Australia

Dan claimed he didn’t recall ever making such comments. Dan was then grilled by expert John Aiken who said: “When you say you ‘don’t recall’, that suggests that is absolutely could have happened.”

Dan admitted: “Yep”. The rest of the group were having none of it and Claire snapped at him: “Take some accountability. You’re a grownass 48-year-old man, acting like it!”

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