All the MAFS Australia 2023 cast’s desperate attempts at fame before the show

Harrison was apparently pulled from The Bachelor for being ‘too masculine’

With MAFS Australia bosses clamping down on applications from those who just want to be famous, this year’s season could be the last to include a bunch of cast members who have been on reality TV before.

A number of the brides and grooms from this season of Married at First Sight Australia have been on an array of TV shows before, from dating shows to courtroom reality shows.

It’s pretty telling a lot of this was done to gain some kind of notoriety or just boost their careers in television and Married at First Sight Australia has definitely done that for a lot of them.

Here are all the MAFS Australia cast members who have tried their luck at fame before the show.

Layton was in two reality TV shows before Married at First Sight

MAFS Australia cast on reality TV

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Layton appeared on two reality TV shows before starring on MAFS Australia, where he met his partner Melinda. It’s fair to say this dating show worked out a lot better than his time on First Dates did back in 2016.

via Seven Network

He appeared on the blind dating show and got along really well with Lani, who he went on a date with. Viewers watched the pair hit off and everything seemed to be going well. Layton later revealed he and Lani “hooked up” four times following their date but their relationship didn’t go much further than that.

MAFS Australia cast on reality TV

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In 2009, Layton was also on Total Wipeout and it was his lucky pink headband that gained him support on the show. Let’s just say the headband was a look… of sorts.

Alyssa was on Judge Judy 12 years ago

MAFS Australia cast on reality TV

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MAFS bride Alyssa shared with her followers she was once on Judge Judy and the iconic TV judge called her annoying. Savage!

This may not have been an attempt at fame but a lot of people do remember this episode. Ahead of her appearance on Married at First Sight Australia, Alyssa opened up about how she got on the show.

“When I was living in California at the time, there was a fire at the house and they tried to blame the fire on my shisha pipe,” she explained. “So they sued me, and we ended up on Judge Judy. Good thing is, is that she threw the case so I didn’t lose.”

MAFS Australia cast on reality TV

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During the episode, Alyssa was savagely roasted by Judge Judy after she kept interrupting her. “Just a second. I’m not talking to you. You’re a real, you’re annoying,” she old Alyssa.

Adam was on three reality TV shows before MAFS Australia

MAFS Australia cast on reality TV

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Adam Seed was on three different reality TV shows in the UK before appearing on the Australian marital experiment. Over the six years he lived in London, Adam made a name for himself on reality TV shows.

In 2017, Adam was on season seven of Dinner Date and tried to woo The Only Way Is Essex star Jasmin Walia. He made her a shrimp cocktail and feta-stuffed chicken. Fancy. It’s clear his cooking skills didn’t seal the deal given he was looking to get married at first sight.

MAFS Australia cast on reality TV

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He also went on Coach Trip and was described “as charmless” as the reboot of the series in a review on The Guardian. Yikes.

MAFS Australia cast on reality TV

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In 2021, Adam appeared on Celebrity Ex in the City. The series was a spinoff of Ex on the Beach and he went on a blind date with Amelle Berrabah. Similarly to Dinner Date, things clearly go down well.

Evelyn was on Big Brother in 2016

MAFS Australia cast on reality TV

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At just 18 years old, intruder bride Evelyn Ellis was on Big Brother. She was in the house for 50 days and came in fifth place, proving herself to be quite popular with the public.

via Channel 5

Evelyn was in the Big Brother house with controversial figure Andrew Tate. The pair went on holiday to Thailand after the show but Evelyn has since said they no longer stay in touch.

Shannon used to be an actor and was once on Neighbours

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In a career move no one saw coming, Shannon dabbled in the world before dipping his toes into reality TV. In 2005, Shannon played Nick Thompson on Blue Heelers and four years later in 2009, he played Craig Ryan on Neighbours.

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His acting days didn’t stop there as he appeared in two episodes of Rush, an Australian police drama, as well as a number of television adverts.


via Nine Network Australia

Before Harrison was cast on Married at First Sight Australia he was actually meant to appear on The Bachelor.

A source close to Harrison claimed on the So Dramatic podcast the MAFS groom was supposed to be the lead suitor on The Bachelor but was dropped “at the last minute”.

“Harrison was cast for The Bachelor this year, but they said he was too masculine, so was dropped at the last minute,” the insider claimed.

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