Grab some popcorn and reminisce on the wildest cheating scandals in MAFS Australia history

The Jessika and Dan saga floors me to this day

Married at First Sight Australia has had its fair share of cheating scandals over the years. There have been tears, screaming matches and walkouts and that’s just on this season alone.

Over the past few seasons there have been constant bride and groom swaps and it has shocked the experts to their very cores. Some of the scandals created so much drama that viewers simply couldn’t turn off.

So here’s a look back on the most chaotic cheating scandals on MAFS Australia.

Claire and Adam

MAFS Australia cheating scandals

via Nine Network Australia

Everything seemed to be going well for Claire and Adam. They were both in separate relationships and they were growing stronger by the minute. That was until Claire and Adam locked lips and everything came crumbling down two weeks later. The pair shared a drunken kiss on a night out and lied about it for weeks on end.

Claire eventually decided to confess to Jesse her misdeeds and it Janelle and Adam eventually voted to leave the experiment while Jesse and Claire held on a while longer before going their separate ways.

Carolina and Daniel

MAFS Australia cheating scandals

via Nine Network Australia

The moment when Carolina and Daniel walked into the commitment ceremony together was something nobody expected.

Daniel’s TV wife Jessica had ended things with him and he chose to pursue Carolina, who was in a struggling relationship with Dion. Carolina and Daniel wanted to re-enter the experiment as a new couple but were told there was “absolutely no way” it would be allowed.

In the real world the pair continued their relationship but in January 2023, they announced they had split up. Carolina was recently spotted in a nightclub with Jesse, who was victim to this year’s cheating scandal!

Coco and Cameron

MAFS Australia cheating scandals

via Nine Network Australia

In season eight, Coco and Cameron had a sneaky affair after bonding over their failed marriages. Unknown to their onscreen partners, Coco and Cameron shared a kiss and both couples left the experiment at the following commitment ceremony.

Later on during the reunion, Coco and Cameron admitted they had met up and slept together after the experiment but not everyone was convinced.

Dan and Jessika

via Nine Network Australia

Jessika Power was one of the show’s most controversial brides and created one of the biggest MAFS Australia cheating scandals after deciding to crack on with Dan while they were both still in their marriages.

Their relationship upset a ton of people and most importantly hurt Tamara and Mick, who were their onscreen partners. Following the experiment, the pair had a major argument about their time on the show on live television.

When she rewatched herself on the show, Jessika said: “It was disgusting, it was really, really hard watching it back. Seeing him hurt tonight, it’s hurting me as well.”

The pair admitted they had made mistakes during the experiment but were going to make their relationship work on the outside. However, they later broke up. No surprises there!

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