Eco-Banksy goes to work on cars in Clifton

At least three cars have been sighted sporting their new paint jobs

Residents of Clifton woke up on Monday morning to find at least three cars in the area tagged with slogans shaming the owners of the cars as “climate criminals” and child-killers.  

So far, from the cars spotted rocking their new look it appears SUVs and 4x4s in particular have been targeted.  

The tagging has caused an uproar on reddit, with a post in r/bristol showing the damage receiving comments from furious residents calling the perpetator(s) “absolute bellends” and a “bunch of tossers”.  

However, some seemed impressed with the designs, with one user saying that “Climate Criminal sounds badass” and another saying that they would keep the graffiti as it “looks pretty sweet”. One user even wanted the designs for their own car, commenting: “Cool decals, where can I get some for my old banger?”. 

It is not the first time that cars in Clifton, Bristol’s most expensive neighbourhood, have been targeted.  

During a night of climate action earlier this year, the activist group Tyre Extinguishers let out the tyres of 80 vehicles in Clifton, claiming responsibility for the action on Twitter. On the same night, hundreds of vehicles had their tyres deflated in campaigns across 9 cities in the UK, France, Italy and Germany.

Since 2021, the Tyre Extinguishers have been responsible for deflating over 10,000 tyres in 15 countriesAccording to its website, the group “want to make it impossible to own a 4×4 in the world’s urban areas” by “causing inconvenience and expense for their owners”.  

Whilst the group has said it is not responsible for the graffiti, they told The Bristol Tab: “This wasn’t us, but we love it!”.

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