These are the major career changes of the Married at First Sight Australia 2023 cast

That’s four podcasts so far…

Married at First Sight Australia has been watched by millions and as such the cast reap the rewards of thousands of Instagram followers and sometimes they do find partners for life.

The. MAFS Australia 2023 brides and grooms on the other hand have set their sights on brand new careers given a lot of their relationships didn’t work out.

According to The Wash, this year’s cast have left the previous jobs in the past and are looking to take on new career ventures. Here’s what the MAFS Australia 2023 cast have got planned for their future careers.

Ollie and Rupert

It has been reported best mates Ollie and Rupert are planning to use their platform to release a “satirical podcast”. The podcast aims to poke fun at influencer culture and edits of them on the show.

Given the positive reception Ollie received after doing impersonations on a Pedestrian TV podcast, it’s safe to say a lot of people will be tuning in.


Evelyn was already an influencer before appearing on MAFS Australia, but with the extra followers she plans to further her career in the world of podcasts. Shock (!)

Evelyn and her best friend Rice are currently making moves to produce their own podcast called Bad Grades Podcast. No episodes have been released but they do have a TikTok account set up for the podcast.


MAFS Australia 2023 career

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Harrison’s new career is something no one saw coming. The former groom is leaving his construction work and stripping behind to become a relationship guru. Yes, you read that correctly.

Speaking on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, Harrison said he wants to “spread a positive message and have the discussions people are too scared to have.”

“There are a lot of things out there to do with single fathers, even give men advice to start dating again after they’ve been through a split,” he continued.

A source close to Harrison told Yahoo the former groom wants to use his platform to “defend masculinity and speak up for men across Australia” in what he feels is now “a woman’s world.”


Alyssa is providing for her and her child, in case you didn’t know she had one. Alyssa and her three friends have set up a podcast called Bad Mums The Podcast.

They haven’t released in any episodes yet but they do have an Instagram account with the bio reading: “Keeping it real over a glass of wine”.


Caitlin is said to be re-activating her OnlyFans account, which was her main source of income before the show, according to Yahoo. Caitlin joins a long line of Married at First Sight cast members who joined OnlyFans following their time on the show.


Tayla is still working as a nurse in Tasmania but is reportedly launching a podcast called Tassie Tigers with her friend.


via Nine Network Australia

Jesse was a marriage celebrant before appearing on Married at First Sight Australia and is now planning to use his fame to get into hosting and comedy. A friend of his told Yahoo: “He loves being on stage with a mic.”

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