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MAFS Australia 2023 Ollie

MAFS Australia’s Ollie claims his co-stars were portrayed with 80 per cent accuracy

Others may have a very different opinion…

Married at First Sight Australia star Ollie Skelton has been spilling some serious tea about his co-stars in a Reddit Q&A.

During his candid chat, Ollie claimed when he watched the show as a viewer, his reaction was “20 per cent surprised” and “80 per cent” of it he saw coming.

“Can you tell what kind of edit people are going to get while filming? Like were you really surprised how they portrayed some people versus what they were really like on set?”, one user asked.

Ollie responded: “20 per cent surprised and 80 per cent saw that one coming.”

via Nine Network Australia

One cast member Ollie believed was portrayed unfairly on MAFS Australia 2023 was bride Alyssa Barmonde. Ollie said Alyssa is “a really beautiful human inside and out”.

“I’m sure she looks back and there are things she could have done differently, but personally, I had nothing but great interactions with them both,” he admitted, talking about Alyssa and Duncan.

Alyssa recently revealed she had been let go from her job of seven years just two weeks after the MAFS Australia finale episode aired, which she believes was a “coincidence”.

The bride revealed she had been in a “really dark” place following MAFS Australia 2023, because she could see “what the edit” of herself was going to be. Alyssa isn’t the only cast member to call out their portrayal on the show, with three others voicing their opinion on their “edits”.

Ollie also revealed whether MAFS Australia 2023 was staged or not. He claimed “90 per cent of the essence of each room [was] captured”, and 10 per cent of the editing was for “dramatic effect”.

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