A considered ranking of the biggest villains on Married at First Sight Australia 2023

There hasn’t been a season quite like this one

This year’s season of Married at First Sight Australia has produced chaos like no other. From various commitment ceremony walkouts to cheating scandals, this season has the been messiest ever.

Every cast member has undoubtedly been a reason for some of the chaos this season but nothing like this core seven. There have been tears and more tears, screaming matches and people leaving to fly back home halfway through a conversation because it all just got too much.

So, if you’re keen to see if your villains align, here is a ranking of the most villainous cast members of Married at First Sight Australia 2023.


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Dubbing Melissa a villain might be a bit too harsh as she did seem like a nice woman on the show but how she made Josh feel was not on. In the first couple of weeks, Melissa often made Josh feel uncomfortable with her overly sexual comments even after he voiced his discomfort.

The couple clashed when discussing their five year plans, with Melissa saying one of her priorities was having an “active sex life”. She then proceeded to tell Josh: “If I’m not having sex with you then I’m not getting anything from you.”

She continued to make viewers unhappy when she told the expert she felt she was “the alpha in the relationship” because Josh’s “conservative” nature “suppresses” her.

“It’s not something I’m used to. I’m used to a man just, you know, I want a manly man,” she continued.  “I’ve got to say that intimacy now, during the intimacy week, it was just sex. It was just a transaction. Like I didn’t feel like it was a genuine thing.”

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Melissa’s admission left everyone in the group shocked, including the expert and hearts broken everywhere when Josh finally spoke his peace.

When addressing the experts, Josh said: “In this relationship, Melissa has attempted to restrict my access to the TV. She has attempted to restrict my access to my mobile phone. She has trying to place limitations on the times that I can read my books.

When addressing the experts, Josh said: “In this relationship, Melissa has attempted to restrict my access to the TV. She has attempted to restrict my access to my mobile phone. She has trying to place limitations on the times that I can read my books.

Jesse was done dirty by Claire but he was unkind to her in the early days of their relationship. When he told Claire to “shush” because she was being “too loud”, it should’ve been curtains.

The couple were ready to go on their honeymoon when Jesse told Claire to be quiet and it didn’t sit well with the bride. “One day in. If you’re already shushing me, you’re going to have a hard time ahead of you buddy,” Claire told the cameras.

Jesse complained and said Claire seemed “unaware of hour loud she’s speaking” and sometimes he needed “silence”. That’s fair but there are a ton of better ways to go about it.


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Alyssa is good natured and that is obvious but her treatment of Duncan at times was just not on. In one instance, Alyssa had a go at Duncan for spending most of the time at the retreat with the boys and playing tennis.

She expressed how upset she was and Duncan appeared apologetic and said: “I thought you wanted to spend more time with the girls. If I read that wrong you know that’s on me. I’m sorry if you feel like that.”

Alyssa was fuming and said she felt Duncan should check on her. When Alyssa told the girls about what happened, she tweaked their conversation ever so slightly, but it was enough for it to change the story dramatically.

A number of viewers were angered by the change in the story, which could have been down to editing.

“Um Alyssa? Did I miss something because Duncan most definitely did not say that. She’s really trying it,” one user wrote.


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Claire redeemed herself down the line when she stood up for Bronte but we mustn’t forget the sordid cheating scandal that took place this season.

During a night out, Claire and fellow groom Adam kissed and they both proceeded to lie about it for weeks before Claire confessed what happened.

Claire’s on screen husband, Jesse, had a hunch about Claire and Adam for a long time but she continued to lie to Jesse despite known she had kissed Adam. Bad vibes all in all.


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Adam is just as bad as Claire for their cheating shenanigans but he took it one step further to earn him third place in the villain ranking.

When Janelle recalled the night of Claire and Adam’s kiss, she revealed that she kissed Adam goodbye before he left for his night out and they had sex when he came home.

Everyone was rocked by the admission and Adam had no words. The groom was also accused of gaslighting his wife in the experiment and as the episodes unfolded, Janelle listed the signs of gaslighting after what Adam did to her.

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In an Instagram post calling out Adam’s behaviour, Janelle wrote: “I would like to utilise this opportunity to educate. Gaslighting is not just a buzzword, it’s a behaviour.

“It’s a form of manipulation in which a person attempts to show self-doubt and confusion into the mind of someone. In this case, the behaviour is DARVO (denies, attacks, reverses roles of victim and offender). If you ever find yourself in this position… RUN!”


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Viewers across the globe were left unimpressed with Dan’s behaviour from the butt dial scandal to his reason for leaving the experiment.

After Dan and Sandy slept together, Sandy began to notice Dan withdrew and acting different towards her. It later transpired than Dan had told all the boys on a night out he “couldn’t stand” Sandy.

In a video shown during the reunion, fellow groom Hugo claimed Dan said: “She is the last person I would be attracted to. She is 100 per cent not my type.”

When expert John Aiken grilled Dan on the comments, the groom said he didn’t recall making them. John savagely responded: “When you say you ‘don’t recall’, that suggests that it absolutely could have happened.”

Dan admitted: “Yep”.  Claire was having none of it and snapped at him: “Take some accountability. You’re a grown ass 48-year-old man, acting like it!”


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Harrison. The creme de la creme of utter bad vibes. From the very first episode when it was revealed he could possibly have a secret girlfriend on the outside, the stage was set for the abysmal to come.

Viewers have seen Harrison continually invalidate Bronte’s feelings and emotions and even dump her randomly leaving her shattered.

Heart Bingo’s relationship expert and co-founder of So-Syncd has shared her thoughts on Harrison’s behaviour on Married at First Sight Australia this year.

She said: “He seemed determined to control the dynamic between him and Bronte, often displaying an aggressive attitude when things didn’t go his way. Harrison is a prime example of why communication and respect are essential components of any healthy relationships.”

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