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MAFS Australia memes

Just 17 memes rounding up the absolute chaos that is Married at First Sight Australia 2023

Oh to be a fly on the wall during these dinner parties

Season 10 of Married at First Sight Australia has arguably been the messiest season viewers have seen in a long time. Whether someone is locking lips with another cast member, walking out when the conversation gets tough or simply making sarky comments to wind people up, this year’s cast have all been agents of utter chaos.

This chaos has not gone unnoticed and viewers have been making MAFS Australia memes to their heart’s content because it’s all been too unbelievable to fathom.

If you’re desperate to know if everyone else is thinking about just how baffling this MAFS Australia season has been, enjoy these 17 memes.

1. Loool

2. He knows what’s up

3. Facts!!

4. We all need a friend like Melinda

5. Sneaky…

— em (@swiftscheetah) April 12, 2023

— SJ 🦋 (@sarahhjjane) April 17, 2023

7. It’s like a reward x

8. The senior agent of chaos this season

9. Make it make sense?!

10. Girl be for real

11. How did they get a camera in my living room?

12. Awkward…

13. Louder for people in the back!

14. Get them in Downing Street

15. And no one ever will!

16. True

17. I’d tune in

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