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MAFS Australia Johnny Kerry

Johnny Balbuziente reveals he originally wasn’t paired with Kerry on MAFS Australia

Excuse me, what?!

Married at First Sight Australia success story Johnny and Kerry Balbuziente won the hearts of everyone during their time in the experiment.

Johnny and Kerry are only one of seven couples who stayed together and got married after finishing MAFS Australia, however in a shocking admission their fate could have been completely different.

In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, Johnny revealed that he wasn’t meant to be paired with Kerry on MAFS Australia. Um, what?!

“I had flown into Sydney and the girl that I was supposed to be matched with dropped out the night before the bucks party,” he explained.

Because of this, Johnny decided to wait in Sydney and ended up being paired with Kerry and they entered as an intruder couple. Kerry explained had Johnny’s original match not pulled out, she would never have been on the show.

via Nine Network Australia

“I got a phone call out of the blue on a Tuesday in September and it was like, ‘You’re on but you’ve got to go by Saturday,'” she said. Johnny said he believes it’s “fate” that his original bride dropped out and he is “eternally grateful” he met Kerry.

Kerry and Johnny got married for real in January 2023 after getting engaged last summer. Their wedding looked like an absolute vibe and their MAFS Australia co-stars Cam and Jules attended.

As well as getting engaged last year, the couple bought their first home together in Brisbane for a reported $1.3 million.

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