MAFS Australia Lyndall Harrison

MAFS Australia’s Harrison and Lyndall have got into a massive argument on Facebook

‘For someone who says they’re happy, you clearly haven’t let go’

Married at First Sight Australia cast members Harrison and Lyndall have got into a huge argument on Facebook and honestly, you’d think we were all in school again.

In the comment section of a MAFS fan group on Facebook, Harrison made a shady remark about Bronte and her bestie Lyndall was having absolutely none of it. The post was a photo of Bronte with a quote of something she said on a So Dramatic podcast.

MAFS Australia Lyndall Harrison

via Nine Network Australia

Harrison claimed the photo was from “an organised pap shoot where Bronte and her family took the photographer out for dinner afterwards”.

Lyndall was quick to defend Bronte and wrote: “Bro, give it a REST. [The photographer] has taken photos of all of us, and asked all of us if we could organise a time to get pics.”

The former MAFS Australia bride Lyndall confirmed to Harrison she was at the “meet up” and they all got photos taken, not just Bronte. “For someone who says they’re happy… you clearly haven’t let go.” Yikes!

MAFS Australia Lyndall Harrison

via Nine Network Australia

When the drama seemed to be dying down it only got more heated. MAFS Australia bride Lyndall accused Harrison of “doing a full blown smear campaign” by going on radio shows and tell-all interviews.

“If you don’t want her to have to keep defending herself, you need to stop putting crap out into the atmosphere that people want her to comment on,” she wrote.

Harrison clapped back and told Lyndall to “just stop”. “Lyndall you’re just lying now trying to change the narrative, nothing new from you I guess you’ve only got one trick, lie. With friends like you who needs enemies?”, he retorted.

via Nine Network Australia

To truly cement she has no worries about Harrison’s insults, she made a dig at Harrison’s girlfriend, Gina.

“I love Gina. She really took one for the team and I hope they live happily ever after forever and ever and ever – for all our sakes,” she wrote.

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