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Right, what does MAFS Australia’s Cameron Woods actually do for work?

He recently announced he is taking a year off to travel

One dinner party Lyndall and Cameron certainly won’t forget is when their relationship issues laid bare in front of everyone. When Cameron revealed to Lyndall that his remote work would mean he’d be away for a minimum of six months, everything came crashing down.

Beside the obvious question of why he didn’t tell her about this from the very start, viewers are desperate to know just what kind of job requires that much time away? It was made extremely clear when their parents came to visit that he isn’t a city boy so here’s everything we found about what MAFS Australia groom Cameron Woods’ day job was before the experiment.

He works as a carpenter

Before appearing on the experiment, Cameron told MAFS producers he was a carpenter in Indigenous communities in the remote Northern Territory. He previously grew up on a farm in Queensland before he made the move to Darwin.

Cameron decided to work in Darwin to ‘mend his broken heart’

According to 9Entertainment, Cameron took the job “out bush” to “mend his broken heart” and now his work is a “part of his identity”.

Cameron did tell producers he can spend months at a time sometimes as far as 600 kilometres from a grocery store, but seemingly failed to tell Lyndall this in their early days.

He is now taking a year off to travel with his new girlfriend

If you can somehow believe this given his passion for remote work on the series, Cameron has since revealed he will be taking a year off work to travel with his new girlfriend.

In an interview with Nine, Cameron said he had met a woman in Darwin and they are “really happy” together. He met his new girlfriend at a party where they “really hit it off” and feels he can be himself around her.

Talking about his travelling plans, he explained: “She’s decked out this van, it’s f**king ridiculous. So I’m taking the cruiser, the trailer. I’ll pick up some work along the way, but we’ll just go travelling for about a year.”

Lyndall has made a dig about Cameron’s work

In a shady TikTok, MAFS Australia bride Lyndall made a dig at Cameron Woods’ job and everyone was living for it. In the video, Lyndall holds up a PlayStation controller and writes: “The only remote work I’m interested in.” Savage!


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