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Here are all the MAFS Australia 2023 cast’s first Insta posts since the experiment

Duncan looks better than ever

The season 10 cast of Married at First Sight Australia have provided non-stop drama on the show and outside of it. While the series was airing in both the UK and Australia, the cast members were unable to post on their Instagram accounts as normal so viewers were not spoiled.

Now season 10 is well and truly over, the cast members have been getting used to life with their newfound fame and truly strong friendships. Here’s what the cast have been getting up to, according to their first Instagram post after the experiment.


Bronte’s first Instagram post after her relationship with Harrison played out on TV was a carousel of photos of her and co-star Lyndall. Bronte shared a bunch of photos of her and Lyndall behind the scenes and since the show with the sweetest caption.

“Besties at first sight. Swipe to see the real MAFS love story, the adventures of Bronte and Lyndall. Walking in hoping to find my one love, walked out with a new home slice,” she wrote.


Lyndall’s first post back was a carousel of pictures of her and her MAFS Australia co-stars. The photos include a bunch of this year’s cast all behind the scenes of filming the show and they have truly made some of the most adorable friendships.

Lyndall captioned the post: “Maybe the real MAFS was the friendships we made along the way.” So true bestie x


Ollie’s first post was a carousel of pictures of him and Tahnee and yes, they are still couple goals. The photos were of them living their best lives over the summer, as well as spending time with co-star Rupert.

Refreshing to see the best couple to ever grace the MAFS universe is well and good.


It was recently Janelle’s birthday and what better way than posting your birthday pics as your first Instagram post back? Janelle’s original first post back was a video of her birthday makeup but her first photos were stunning pics of her and her friends.

She captioned the post: “I never usually celebrate my birthday, but this year I’m feeling grateful to everyone who made my day feel special.”


Duncan’s first post back was of him and his friends but a lot of people will be way more keen to see his first individual photo back. The man is the kindest soul and a photogenic king? Icon status granted!


It’s quite iconic that Evelyn’s first post back after Married at First Sight Australia was of her at a wedding, but this time it wasn’t her own. She stunned in a gorgeous red dress and captioned the post: “Don’t I just love a wedding”.


A bromance we didn’t know we needed in our lives is Jesse and Duncan. Dedicating your first post back since the show to your bro? It doesn’t get much better than that.

“Damn. Me and Duncan look just about as good together as Tahnee and Ollie,” he jokingly captioned the post.


Tahnee’s first post back after the experiment was actually a throwback before her big day! Tahnee shared a selfie of her in front of her wedding dress that was taken the night before her TV wedding to Ollie.

“I was so nervous and scared,” she captioned the post, continuing: “I still think about how crazy it was signing up for the experiment. Now looking back on my journey, I feel so grateful for the experience I had on MAFS.”

“It was challenging at times and definitely pushed me outside my comfort zone. I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the love and support you’ve shown Ollie and I.”


Dan shared a photo of him at none other than the ocean. The post shared his favourite hike “in the world” and honestly, he’s not half bad at taking a good photo. “Every step of this scenic coastal walk is worth the breathtaking views,” he wrote.


Claire began posting on her Instagram way before anyone else began to in March. Like a lot of her co-stars, Claire shared a carousel of photos of what she had been up to recently. Claire has been spending most of her time with co-star Sandy as well as at some truly fancy restaurants.


MAFS Australia bride Sandy’s first Instagram post back was around a similar time to Claire and she shared a bunch of photos of her and Claire at an event together.


MAFS Australia groom Rupert’s first Instagram post back was a series of photos of him and his friends as well as a photo of him and Ollie. Wholesome!


MAFS Australia bride Alyssa’s first Instagram post back was a happy birthday message to her co-star Janelle. Alyssa shared a carousel of photos of her and Janelle from during the experiment and beyond and wrote: “So grateful for this queen. Love you forever. Happy Birthday!”

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