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Uni of York to put withheld pay from striking staff into new student rent grant

More details are expected to be released over summer

York’s Student Union (YUSU) has announced that they have secured their largest ever rent support package in the form of the University of York’s “Off Campus Rent Grant”. Notably, this grant will be funded through the pay withheld during this year’s strike period, which will rightly all be going back into students’ pockets.

The YUSU President, Pierrick Roger has said: “We’ve deliberately worked with the University to keep the eligibility criteria as wide as possible so that as many of you will be able to benefit from a payment of at least £100 (part-time students get a bit less and will be pro-rated).”

More details on this are expected to be released over the summer break.

University Radio York covered the topic in an interview with Charlie Jeffery and Pierrick Roger, which you can watch back here.

URY asked: “Is there any support that students can receive if they’re struggling with their bills, especially second and third years in private accommodation?”

In response, Pierrick said: “This year we’ve got the Household Energy Grant. Obviously that applies to students who actually pay for their bills and that was intentional because the pot of money was quite small which meant we have to restrict things to people who actually pay and can demonstrate that they pay their bills.”

Pierrick continued by saying: “Next year we are changing things up a bit and we are focusing on rent support directly and I’m really thankful that the academic registrars office has worked really hard with us on this.

“Our agreement right now is that all the withheld pay that we have had because of the strike action will be redirected to the students in the form of rent support and that means that we’re redirecting quite a hefty package of money towards that and that only. Obviously there will be criteria on it but it does mean that we target a lot more students especially on the lower income side of things.

“I know it won’t make a huge difference – it’ll be a drop in the ocean – but people will be receiving support for (rent) specifically.”