Cafés, consoles, and cruises: All 25 iconic ways that the Barbie movie is being promoted

The devil works hard but the Barbie marketing team works harder

By now, we all know the Barbie movie is coming on 21st July, and we are counting down the days until it hits cinemas.

With a star-studded cast which includes almost every A-lister in Hollywood and of course has Margot Robbie as Barbie with Ryan Gosling as Ken, there is no doubt the Barbie movie is set to be one of the biggest films of the year – if not the decade.

The Barbie marketing team’s dedication is equally as big, with insane collaborations and experiences available in the lead-up to the film’s release. Considering that the world ran out of pink paint during the filming of the movie, it’s no surprise that Barbie’s marketing team have really honed in on her signature colour.

With all of the Barbie collaborations for the movie in full motion, here are all 25 of the most insane and iconic ways the Barbie movie is being promoted:

1) A Barbie DreamHouse Xbox

via Xbox

You can get an actual Xbox built into the Barbie DreamHouse. Xbox are calling it the Dream Console and it comes with all the details you’d expect including a B-shaped pool, miniature sun loungers, oh and of course five unique Barbie-themed controllers.

Fans can get the chance to win these prizes from July 10th via Xbox’s Twitter account and Microsoft Rewards.

2) Drive Barbie’s classic pink Chevrolet Corvette in Forza Horizon 5

via Xbox

Sticking with the gaming theme, players of Forza Horizon 5 can also download Barbie’s classic 1956 Chevrolet Corvette EV Corvette on the game, as well as Ken’s 2022 GMC Hummer EV Pickup. The cars will be gifted to everyone who plays Forza Horizon 5, exclusively for Xbox.

3) Xbox Barbie dolls

via Xbox

Finally, Xbox has brought together 10 different Barbie dolls and kitted them out in the latest Xbox Gear fashion. You will have the chance to win one of these limited edition dolls when Xbox launches an international sweepstake next month.

4) Two real-life Barbie cafés

Two new Barbie-themed cafes have opened up in New York and Chicago. They cater for all a Barbie fan could need: cocktails, food, Instagramable photo ops and even a skating rink.

5) You can rent Barbie’s Malibu DreamHouse

via Airbnb

Who wouldn’t want to live in Barbie’s Malibu Dreamhouse? Well, thanks to Airbnb, now you can. On 17th July, fans can apply to spend a night in Barbie’s Malibu DreamHouse – Ken’s Way. Lucky fans can get two individual one-night stays for up to two guests each on July 21 and July 22, 2023, completely free of charge.

6) Everyone can be dripping in Barbie

Seven different companies have all brought out Barbie-inspired collections, ranging from shoes to swimwear, clothes and accessories. Barbie fans can now get kitted out head to toe ready for release day. There’s something for everyone with both children’s and adult ranges on sale.

7) $109+ Barbie Rugs

Ruggable has collaborated with Barbie to bring a range of rugs and doormats so that fans’ houses can become their own DreamHouse.

8) Get taste of Barbie with Pinkberry frozen yoghurt

Pinkberry has come out with a ‘Barbie Land Berry Pink’ flavoured frozen yoghurt for the movie. The dessert is made of a blend of strawberry and dragon fruit froyo and is topped with pink ‘Dream Sprinkles’.

9) Get a whiff of the DreamHouse Candle

If you’ve ever wondered what the DreamHouse smells like, look no further. American brand Homesick has made a candle of Barbie’s home with notes of Sweet Peony, Rose Bush, Lemon Zest, Pink Jasmine, Sandalwood, and Plush Velvet.

10) NYX Barbie makeup

via NYX

Makeup brand NYX has released a makeup collection dedicated to Barbie for the film. NYX has said that the range features “Bright Barbie Land Colours.” with “Dream artistry for every Barbie and Ken.” If you want pink and black eyelashes, NYX is the place to go.

11) Got some Barbie on your hands?

OPI has also released a selection of nail varnishes, ranging from blues to pinks that would make Barbie proud. Say hello to colours such as “Hi Barbie!” and “My Job is Beach”.

12) Barbie bodycare

via Truly

Vegan beauty brand Truly has also dedicated 4 items to Barbie; including a Barbie Butter, Barbie Bikini Serum, and Barbie Bright Serum.

13) Barbie and Ken’s Rollerskates


via Impala

Impala Skate has brought out a pair of skates that even Ken would be proud of when he’s skating down the Miami boardwalk in the real world.

14) Pinkity Drinkity Glasses

Dragon Glassware has created a line of Barbie and Ken inspired drinking glasses and coasters, because would Barbie be drinking a martini out of anything that wasn’t pink?

15) Float in style with Funboy floats

via Funboy

What would Barbie do in her pool? Float on a B-shaped inflatable. Funboy has released a series of pool inflatables, as well as swimwear, towels and even a Barbie captain’s hat. 

16) Take home a Barbie lunchbox

Drafthouse cinema will be selling collectable limited edition lunchbox and thermos sets with custom Barbie art at their screenings of the movie. The Alamo will also be selling exclusive merch including enamel pins and “chic shirts” in select cinemas.

15) A tour of the DreamHouse with an actual architectural magazine

Margot Robbie giving a tour of the dreamhouse? Yes, please. Architectural Digest interviewed the film’s titular character and director Greta Gerwig to see what ‘Life in the DreamHouse’ is really like. Surely a house with no walls and no doors is an architectural nightmare. 

16) Barbie has some Hot Wheels


via Mattel

From one Mattel brand to another, Hot Wheels and Barbie have combined to bring fans Barbie’s pink Corvette in toy form.

17) Get the same insurance as Barbie

Progressive Insurance partnered with Barbie in their new commercial set outside the Dreamhouse, promising that you “Ken” rely on them, just like their mystery client can.

18) A one-night-only Barbie boat cruise

Fangirl Fantasy and Warner Bros are celebrating the release of the Barbie movie by running a free cruise for one night only on June 30th. The cruise will feature “the ideal summer soundtrack, photo ops, giveaways, and the perfect environment to dance the night away.”

19) Pink sparkly toothpaste?

What’s more Barbie than oral hygiene? Moon Oral Beauty has released sparkly mint toothpaste, alongside a toothbrush in a classic Barbie pink colour.

20) Barbie wouldn’t travel without a pink suitcase, so neither should you

Beis Travel released a range of bright pink suitcases in a range of sizes so that any fan can travel in style. It also released a matching handbag to make the set complete.

21) Dress Up Your Dogs

Even dogs can get into the spirit with Canada Pooch‘s range of dog hats, ponchos, hoodies, denim jackets and more. Owners can join in the fun too, with a Barbie fanny pack and leash available on their website.

22) Barbie said gay pride


Come on Barbie, let’s go party #Pride #dcpride #dcpride2023 #barbiethemovie #barbie #barbiegirlchallenge @theDCgirlies @Kristen Ramer @Barbie Movie

♬ Barbie Girl – Lady Aqua

Barbie’s team made appearances at both New York and DC Pride this month, equipped with a gaggle of rollerskaters and signs with the classic Barbie B.

23) Sit on a Barbie bus bench

She’s a bench, he’s just Ken.

24) Food Network cooks for Barbie

Summer Baking Championship on Food Network did a Barbie-themed episode for their semi-final, complete with a pink Malibu-themed set, and pink desserts made from pink fruits.

25) Billboards are better in pink

Pink. Classic. Unmistakably Barbie. Need we say anything else?

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