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Omg! Netflix has finally given us the Sex Education season four release date and trailer

Omg! Netflix has finally given us the Sex Education season four release date and trailer


After literal years of waiting, Netflix has at long last revealed the Sex Education season four release date.

Dropping the trailer on to Twitter, Netflix announced: “It’s time to finish. Sex Education. The final season. Coming 21 September.” It’s so soon!

Sex Education series three came out in September 2021, so by the time we get the fourth and final season it will have been two full years.

The trailer shows Otis, Eric and their mates at their new school, since Moordale closed down. The trailer shows Otis trying to wow his new classmates by telling them he “lives and breathes sex” and learned everything he knows “from his mum”. They’re all obviously shocked before Eric jumps up and shouts at him to explain he’s a sex therapist.

From the trailer, it seems like we will get answers to all the unanswered questions we had at the end of Sex Education series three. It looks like Maeve is in her new school in America, and Jean is holding a baby – never forget she was pregnant at the end of season three and still didn’t know who the dad was. There’s also a scene that looks suspiciously like Otis and Ruby are in bed together.

We see loads more familiar faces in the Sex Education final season trailer, like Adam, his mum and dad, Lily, Jackson, Aimee and Ruby – but there’s also lots of new faces, from all of the pupils at the new school.

I for one cannot wait, and I am genuinely screaming, crying and throwing up right now.

The Sex Education season four release date is September 21st! Mark your calendars!

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