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Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) is finally ours and these 21 memes prove it’s still a banger

This whole album is better than revenge

After numerous fan theories and hours spent clowning online, Taylor has finally released Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) and every Swiftie around the world has fallen to their knees, including me.

With six brand new From The Vault tracks, this album was written entirely by Ms Swift herself – and it’s not like she hasn’t already cemented herself as the best songwriter around at this point. 13 years since its original release date, this reclaimed, heartachingly-boppy album is everything we’ve ever needed – as well as Eras tour tickets, of course. If you haven’t already streamed this masterpiece, then what are you doing?

Either way, here are 21 of the best memes to prove that Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) remains a fan favourite and for all the best reasons possible.

As we begin processing this purple-themed cultural reset, here are the best memes to get you through it:

1. Not 19 year old, baby-faced Tay writing this

2. Mr Mayer found shaking crying throwing up

3. Quite the transition

4. *Ascends (sadly)*

5. “We have Eras tour at home”

6. Gotta support both

7. I was Enchanted to hear this

— b e n 🌷 (@speaaknw) July 7, 2023

— cel 🦢 (@celestialswiftt) July 7, 2023

9. We’re all still growing up now

10. Right in the feels

11. I want this song to haunt my brain

12. Nothing’s changed from 13 years ago tbh

13. Time to get my license just for this

14. I think we’re all a little bit Emma ngl

15. It just hits different all these years later

16. AND NOW SHE’S 32

17. This song can live long in my head for sure

18. “Ours” stans unite (I am one of them)

19. No words (no breaths either)

20. Speak Now (TV) is for the delulu girlies

21. An all-round slay

Featured image via YouTube.

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