Bristol Uni announce a delayed autumn graduation for students without a degree classification

64 students have insufficient marks to award them a degree

In an email sent to students today, Bristol Uni has confirmed that an additional graduation ceremony will be held in the autumn for those yet to receive their results by the 20 July.

Whilst most students received their full degree results today, those in schools which have been harder hit by the Marking and Assessment Boycott (MAB) instead received a pending decision or a provisional award where marks were unavailable.

The email from the Vice-Chancellor detailed how further marks will be released on either the 19 or 20 July. For those who have not received results following this second release, an additional graduation ceremony will be held in the autumn.

For students with a “preliminary” classification (a pass but no classification), they are able to graduate this summer as planned, but also have the option of deferring to the autumn.

The university states that there are 64 students who have, unfortunately, insufficient marks to award them a degree. For this group, they will not have a choice between graduations. Should they pass their degree once results become available they will only be able to attend the autumn graduation.

This figure may change as marking is set to continue until the 20 July.

The university estimates that about 10% of the 5,460 final years graduating this summer will have their degree outcome delayed beyond graduation. In recognition of this frustrating outcome, the uni has offered a “goodwill payment” of up to £500 for students most affected.

Some students have been vocal in their dissatisfaction with the uni’s handling of the situation.

A third-year student speaking to The Bristol Tab said today: “I don’t want an apology or even a goodwill payment, I just want my degree.

“They’ve known all along this would happen, why not be honest with students? It’s the least we deserve.”

Another student wrote on Twitter: “Is a goodwill payment meant to silence us and repair this?”

It has been highlighted that this additional graduation date may cause significant problems for international students and their families who may have already booked flights to the UK.

This story will continue to be updated as further details are understood. 

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