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Here’s exactly which Barbie your university is based on its overall vibe

They’re all a little bit Weird Barbie

No university is quite the same; whether you’re a die hard fan of the humble campus uni set up, or prefer the hustle and bustle of a city campus, each university has a unique feel. In fact, no two universities are remotely the same, with each embodying its own distinct mantra – not at all dissimilar to the vast range of Barbies and their different occupations. While it seems like Stereotypical Barbie is the obvious it girl, let’s not forget all the other Barbies who are empowering in the own way. The undeniable best thing about uni is getting to be whoever you want, but unfortunately it’s not always all sunshine and pink roses like in Barbieworld. But at least we can dream – so doing exactly that, here’s exactly which Barbie character your university is based on overall vibe:

Mermaid Barbie – University of Exeter

Exeter uni students spend more time on the beach than in the library. They’re almost more Ken than Barbie and the bonfires and picnics look so vibey down there that it honesty looks like you guys took a degree in beach.

Supreme Court Justice Barbie – Durham University

This Barbie is was too serious to be anyone but Durham. Life up there just looks so routine and you guys really seem to take life so seriously.

Physicist Barbie – UEA

Cut off from everyone else but thriving in their own lane, UEA oozes Scientist Barbie vibes. Whether it’s the quietly confident stance they retain, or the fact they just seem to post studies on kids all the time, they seem to be having fun over there so good for them.

Doctor Barbie – Cardiff University

Serving straight facts and rocking fair skin all year round, Doctor Barbie just has to be Cardiff University. Plus, no one can pull off pink sequins like the Welsh.

Pullitzer Barbie – University of Nottingham 

Similar to that of Durham, Leeds boasts a similar serious feel. What they lack in qualifications they make up in vibes. If they were a zodiac, you just know they’d be Sagittarius.

President Barbie – University of York

Has to be. The united respect and admiration held for York is unmatched. Everyone wants to be her but few have been so lucky to have come close.

Stereotypical Barbie – UCL

UCL is doing everything right, don’t get me wrong, but they just don’t live up to the hype everyone seems to give them. Everyone’s also starting to realise that they’re actually pretty basic and not a real threat.

Midge – University of Birmingham

barbies as unis

The underdog, Birmingham is often ignored and pushed off centre stage. Birmingham has a lot to say but nobody’s ever given them a mic.

Narrator Barbie – University of Cambridge

barbies as unis

University of Cambridge express the same elegance and class as Narrator Barbie, or maybe that’s just Helen Mirren.

Diplomat Barbie – Newcastle University

barbies as unis

Just the right balance of conformist and unhinged, Newcastle University embody the big face of business which appears to be smooth sailing and all above board, but is due an absolute media nightmare at any given time.

Author Barbie – University of Edinburgh

barbies as unis

Serving cosy vibes basically all year round, Edinburgh is obviously Author Barbie. The quarried sandstone, horonised paving and original cast iron street lamps give cosy girl vibes, and no I’m not just saying that because it’s where J.K. Rowling wrote most of the Harry Potter books.

Weird Barbie – University of Manchester

barbies as unis

All kinds of chaotic drama unfolds at Manchester daily and no one there seems to bat an eyelid. From student occupations to data hacking, life at Manchester is a wild ride and I don’t want a ticket, thanks.

Ken – University of Liverpool

barbies as unis

Typical Ken, University of Liverpool is iconic, don’t get it confused. They could just do with a little reminder here and there to stay in their lane. It’s Barbie’s world and they’re just living in it.

Allan – University of Sheffield

barbies as unis

The Uni of Sheffield has so much to give. Despite not being as renowned or boisterous as some of its competitors, Sheff is loveable and sweet and we should really recognise it as the confidently cool powerhouse that it is.

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