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The Last Hours of Mario Biondo explores the mysterious true story behind his death

His parents are campaigning for the investigation to be relaunched

The Last Hours of Mario Biondo is the latest true crime documentary to join Netflix. The documentary explores the true story behind the death of the husband of a famous news reporter, Raquel Sánchez-Silva.

As questions persist about the last night of Mario Biondo, details about his mysterious death are uncovered in the documentary. But what happened to Mario Biondo? Here’s everything you need to know about the circumstances around his death.

Who was Mario Biondo?

Mario Biondo was a cameraman from Italy and the husband of popular Spanish TV presenter, Raquel Sánchez-Silva. The couple were married for a year before he was found dead in his home in May 2023, in Madrid, Spain.

What happened to Mario Biondo?

Mario Biondo was found to have committed suicide at his home library, and was found with a pashmina shawl wrapped around his neck.

The circumstances around his death were suspicious and his family didn’t believe he would have committed suicide, which his death was ruled as to begin with. The news of his death lead to a flurry of media speculation and theories about how he had died.

A decade since his death, there is no “conclusive evidence” as to how he died, according to The Scotsman.

Mario’s parents, Santina and Goofy Biondo, worked non-stop to get their son’s case reopened and in August 2022, an Italian court decided his death may have been a murder and the scene had allegedly been tampered with.

Following this, his family have made attempts to relaunch the investigation in Spain, asking authorities to look into facts about their son’s mysterious death.

What is The Last Hours of Mario Biondo about?

The docuseries is four episodes long and explores the days leading up to Mario Biondo’s death. The series includes interviews with his friends and family, as well as testimonies from the lead officers and investigators who worked on his case.

The official synopsis for the documentary reads: “Many questions remain unanswered about the last night of Mario Biondo, the husband of Spanish presenter Raquel Sánchez Silva. This series reveals new details.”

The Last Hours of Mario Biondo is available to watch on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook.

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