MAFS Australia 2024 cast

From the oldest ever groom to budding influencers: Meet the cast of MAFS Australia 2024

The newest season starts on January 29th!

The Married at First Sight Australia 2024 cast has been all but confirmed thanks to some sneaky pictures of the brides and grooms that have been circulating online as they film the weddings. Filming for MAFS Australia 2024 is currently taking place and will continue to do so over August and September, with the filming for the reunion likely being filmed in December.

The MAFS Australia 2024 cast is said to be the “most diverse” yet, with an array of backgrounds taking part in the upcoming series. Well, I know you’re desperate to know who they are, so get ready to meet the cast of the upcoming Married at First Sight Australia series.

Lauren Dunn – 32

Lauren is a Perth-based PR and marketing consultant and was the first cast member to be reported to be joining the series, as per MailOnline.

Lauren has around 4,000 followers on her personal Instagram account, which has been made private ahead of filming for the show. She has another Instagram account called So Cooked where she shares her meals and foodie vibes.

She studied law and marketing at university and ended her five-year-long relationship just months before filming started.

Tori Adams – 27

Tori is a business development manager from Melbourne. Tori has been pictured in her wedding gown ahead of filming for the show. She has been described as outgoing, fun and friendly by her friends.

Sara Mesa – 29

Nutritional and fitness coach Sara Mesa is based in Sydney and works at a celebrity hot spot, ACERO. According to MailOnline, a friend said they weren’t surprised to see Sara joining the cast of MAFS Australia 2024.

“I’m not surprised to see her join the show,’ the source said. “She is a lovely, sweet, and a very hard-working girl, who has had bad luck in the love department.”

Sara owns her own business, The Fit and Hungry Girls.

Eden Harper – 28

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Sara owns her own business, The Fit and Hungry Girls.

Eden Harper – 28

Eden Harper is a recruitment consultant from the Gold Coast, and she is also a micro-influencer with 11,800 followers on Instagram.

It has been reported she was approached by producers to apply for the show and is said to be paired with Jayden Eynaud. ‘Eden will take audiences on a journey that will test friendships and her own relationship,’ a source close to production told Daily Mail Australia.

Ellie Dix – 32

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Ellie is also from the Gold Coast and is a cosmetic nurse injector. Sources close to production have let slip that the glamorous brunette will be another main player. They describe her as ‘social and bubbly’ and she is excited to meet ‘The One’.

Cassandra Allen – 30

Influencer Cassandra Allen is another bride who has been spotted filming for MAFS Australia. She also models and in her modelling biography it reads: ”

“I look forward to bringing many different creations to life and I promise to always give my best in everything I do.”

Those close to Cassandra revealed the influencer had always been telling her friends she would end up on the series. “This is literally her dream coming true,” one friend said

Lucinda Light – 43

Marriage celebrant Lucinda Light is joining the MAFS Australia 2024 cast. You can find out more about Lucinda on her website here.

Andrea Thompson – 52

Via Instagram

Andrea is a wedding photographer from Brisbane and describes herself as “fun, happy and creative”.

Natalie Parham – 32

Melbourne-based physiotherapist Natalie iconically sprains her ankle in the trailer for MAFS Australia. She owns an adorable Samoyed called MieMie

Jade Pywell

South African bombshell Jade will be one of two intruder brides set to bring a whole lot of drama. According to her friends, she has a very infectious personality, and “isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.”

Maddy Jevic – 31

Maddy Jevic is an actress who plays Amber Simmons on the soap Home and Away. As previously revealed by Daily Mail Australia, fellow cast members were convinced Maddy was a “mole” planted by production in order to shake things up.

One spy said that “alarm bells were ringing” when she told everyone she was a psychic or a medium rather than an actress.

Jayden Eynaud – 26

You may recognise Jayden due to him looking a little bit like Mitch from season nine. That would be because they’re brothers!

Pictures of Mitch at Jayden’s wedding have been circulating online, confirming the news. Jayden is said to be “stoked and excited” about being part of MAFS Australia 2024.

Ben Walters

Ben is a tour director from Newcastle in Australia and it’s been reported he joined MAFS after being rejected from The Bachelor.

“Ben was tipped to be the next Bachelor,” a source claimed. “He was convinced he had bagged the role and even cancelled several tours and holidays he had planned with friends.”

Jonathan McCullough – 39

Jonathan is a managing director from Brisbane and has been described as a “loveable nice guy”.

The groom spent over 10 years working as a financial advisor before starting up his own health food store, Buoya Vital, where he sells health supplements.

Tim Calwell – 30

Tim is from the Gold Coast and runs his own e-commerce digital marketing company. He has been described as “super savvy” and “switched on” by his friends.

Collins Christian

Collins is a “super funny, really nice guy” according to his friends, and he has apparently been trying to get onto the show for years.  “He has a really good sense of humour,” a source told MailOnline.

Tristian Black – 29

A picture of upcoming MAFS Australia 2024 cast member Tristian Black smiling whilst sat on a boat

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Syndey-based Tristian is a venue manager who has been described as “down to earth” and as “genuine as they come”.

Jack Dunkley – 34

Jack is a personal trainer based in the Gold Coast and reportedly ended a long-term relationship to appear on the show. According to MailOnline, Jack will be marrying Tori during the show.

Jack’s past relationships are set to resurface, creating a storm of drama that will leave fans on the edge of their seats. According to Daily Mail Australia, Jack will soon find himself in hot water thanks to a few eyebrow-raising comments.

Timothy Smith

Timothy is a real estate agent from Melbourne who signed up for the show as a last-ditch attempt to find love. An insider claimed Timothy is in desperate need of the experts’ help. Wholesome x

Richard Sauerman – 62

Richard is set to be the oldest MAFS Australia groom on the show ever, as well as in the 2024 cast. The motivational speaker works closely with CEOs to help their brands and he has three children. It is understood he will be matched with Andrea, who is thought to be in her 50s.

Richard has also been included in the Global Top 30 Brand Gurus since 2014.

Collins Christian

Collins is a “super funny, really nice guy” who has been trying to get on MAFS for years, according to one friend. “He has a really good sense of humour,” they added.

He enjoys spending time with family, and friends and loves a good pint at the pub on a Sunday afternoon.

Ridge Barredo – 28

Ridge is a professional weightlifter who has appeared on reality TV before. He previously appeared on First Dates back in 2020 and also competed at the Commonwealth Games in both 2018 on the Gold Coast, and 2022 in Birmingham where he finished in fifth place.

Michael Felix

Mike is the first gay groomsman since season three of MAFS Australia and is a car salesman. He has spent the past three years working for Tesla after working at Gold’s Gym and Fitness First in Melbourne.

His friends describe him as a super “funny and charming guy” who is on the “hunt for The One” after being “scared off dating apps.”

Ash Galati

Former builder Ash is set to enter the experiment as an intruder. Ash has been described as a “super-nice guy” who has bad luck in the love department.

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