‘Everyone has the right to go out and feel safe’: Below Deck Down Under cast speaks out

Margot thanked Captain Jason for his ‘immediate response’

Below Deck Down Under season two cast members have spoken out about the latest episode which saw Luke and Laura being fired from the boat due to their inappropriate behaviour towards Margot and Adam.

In shocking scenes, viewers saw a naked Luke get into Margot’s bed and producers having to intervene on multiple occasions which led to Captain Jason kicking him off the boat. In later scenes, Laura was seen mounting deckhand Adam from behind and later diminishing Margot’s experience, which led to her employment being terminated.

Since the episode aired, the cast have issued statements about what happened. Here’s everything they had to say.


Margot posted several statements to her Instagram story after the episode was released, thanking her crew mates for their help for the rest of the charters and during the incident.

In her first post, Margot thanked Aesha who “recognised the vulnerability of the situation” she was in. “Her courageous intervention on my behalf was both heroic and so admirable,” she said. “I thank the universe for her every day, as well as the producers who quickly stepped in. Aesha, you have a heart of gold, I look up to you and I will forever be grateful.”

Below Deck Down Under cast speak out

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Margot then thanked Caption Jason for his “immediate response” to what had happened. “There are unfortunately a lot of captains who would choose to sweep something like this under the rug,” she explained.

“I am grateful that Jason is not one of them. Thank you for repeatedly make me feel safe and supported. I wish every captain were just like you. Sending you so much love right now.”

Below Deck Down Under cast speak out

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Margot then thanked Chef Tzarina who helped her when she felt low and vulnerable during the show. “I am lucky to have you in my life and you have become such a role model to me. I love you so much,” she said.

Below Deck Down Under cast speak out

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In a final post, Margot thanked Adam for being one of the first people to say had he known what was happening that night he would’ve done “anything and everything” to protect her.

She said: “It is so disappointing that his soft side is not being shown nearly enough on the show and you are not seeing Adam that we all know and love. I was completely oblivious to what was going on between him and Laura, and I wish I could go back and be there for him more. Neither of us deserved this. I love you Adam!”

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Chief Stew Aesha Scott posted a video to her Instagram story following the episodes, reiterating the main sentiment that was shared throughout.

In the video, she said: “Obviously the episodes have come out and I know that everyone has got a lot of opinions and there’s a lot of feelings and emotions and all these things coming up for a lot of people.

“I just wanted to take the opportunity and just remind everyone of the main message that was shown on the episode which is that women and everyone has the right to go out and get drunk and feel safe and that’s the f**king end of it.

“There’s no question or ifs or buts or maybes, that’s just the end of it. So please keep an eye on your friends, keep an eye on each other. We just need to share the love. Keep an eye out.”


Harry posted a heartfelt message on his Instagram page, sharing his appreciation for Margot.

“What you went through should never have happened. I am so sorry that you had to go through something like that. I know that since it happened you have been recovering and getting on and living your awesome life which is so great to see considering the situation,” he wrote.

“Keep pushing through and striving in life, good things are coming your way I know it! Love you always, Harry.”


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While Laura didn’t issue a statement directly about the situation, she did apologise before making her Instagram private.

“My sincere apologies to Adam, I did not realise I made him feel uncomfortable and no one should be put in that position,” she wrote.

“And to Margot to not been able to empathise. I was 29 when the show was filmed, 30 was my life-changer. I am 31 now and I am watching it as all of you, an entertainment show.”

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