what happened on below deck down under luke and laura

Here’s what happened on Below Deck Down Under that led to Luke and Laura being fired

Viewers have been left shocked by the scenes

The latest episodes of Below Deck saw two crew members fired due to their inappropriate behaviour following a night out after a successful charter. Bosun Luke Jones and Stew Laura Bileskalne were fired from Below Deck Down Under following what happened after a night out and their improper behaviour towards other crew members.

Viewers have praised producers for stepping in during moments that no one had seen take place before on the reality TV series. Here’s what happened on Below Deck Down Under that led to Luke and Laura being fired.

Why was Luke fired from Below Deck Down Under?

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After the crew returned from a night out in Cairns, Australia, Chief Stew Aesha Scott became as she called it “protective” of Stew Margot Sisson after noticing Luke’s flirty behaviour towards her.

“I don’t want any drunkenness to be taken advantage of,” Aesha told Margot. “So I’d just like to see you get into bed safely. I’ll get you water.”

Margot agreed and thanked Aesha before getting into her bunk. “I don’t want to go in the jacuzzi, I want to go [to] bed. All I want is water and bed, no Luke.”

While Margot was sleeping, Luke entered her cabin while naked and got under the covers before producers stepped in.

“We can’t do that,” a producer told him, “she said no.” Luke was forced out of Margot’s bed, but not before he slammed the door several times in producers faces before leaving and storming back to his cabin and swearing at producers.

Aesha went to check on Margot after the incident and asked her: “Did you consent him being in here?” to which Margot replied, “No, I was asleep. I did not invite that at all.”

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Aesha, who was in floods of tears, woke up the captain to report what had happened.

“Basically we came home tonight and I just kind of felt like Luke kind of wanted to take advantage of Margot’s drunkenness a little bit,” she said.

“She was pretty out of it. And then the next thing I know, the power goes out and Luke is f**king running out of Margot’s bed naked. She was completely unconscious.”

After confirming nothing sexual had happened, Jason went to Luke’s bunk and ordered him to get off the ship for the rest of the night.

The next day, Margot said she felt “embarrassed” by the incident, but her fellow crew members said it wasn’t her fault.

“I woke up feeling weird and I knew that what happened wasn’t OK,” she said. “I was, like, ‘Am I gonna wake up and he’s still here and I just have to act cool?’ But I’m glad that’s not the case, because that would be reality hard for me. I just feel stupid.”

The captain held a crew meeting before Luke returned. He told the crew: “Our cabin is our safety zone. That door is our boundary, that door is not to be opened unless it’s consensual. To walk into someone else’s room without consent, indecent, is my limit.”

Jason then fired Luke, saying he had no choice “but to terminate” his employment. Luke accepted what had happened and apologised, saying he was “disappointed” in himself.

Why was Laura fired from Below Deck Down Under?

what happened on below deck down under luke and laura

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After what happened on Below Deck Down Under with Luke, Laura was later fired for her behaviour – here’s why.

The previous night, Stew Laura had repeatedly made advances towards Deckhand Adam Kodra, despite him telling her he wasn’t interested. In scenes that aired, viewers saw Laura give Adam an unwarranted massage in his bed as he was trying to sleep before producers asked to go to her own cabin.

The following day, Aesha checked in with Adam about Laura’s behaviour. “I think she thinks I’m playing around because I’m being nice about it,” Adam said. “I don’t want to get anyone in trouble or anything like that but maybe I’ve got to be more serious.”

Later in the episode, Margot and Laura were cleaning together when Laura told Margot: “Sh*t, I’m so sad. I can’t believe Luke is gone.”

“You’re sad? I’m not,” Margot replied. “You’re not?” Laura asked.

“No. I mean I’m bummed about everything that happened,” Margot said, who then told Laura what happened.

“What would have happened if no one had been there?” Margot asked Laura. “You know? I don’t know. I’m still kind of processing it.”

“Oh poor Luke,” Laura said. “I should have just kept him happy. If he comes naked in my cabin, I’d be like, ‘Hello! Yes!'”

In a confessional, Margot said: “What the f**k? How are you pouting right now? It’s all f**ked up. She’s f**ked up I think.”

Shortly after, Margot told Aesha about what Laura had been saying to her. Aesha called Laura’s response “so f**king inappropriate,” and went straight to Captain Jason to recap what had happened.

Aesha also informed Jason about Laura’s “very inappropriate, borderline sexual harassment”, to which Jason gave Laura a stern talking to.

“Two things, one, Adam feels uncomfortable with some moments out and he’s tried to say no and you have not listened to him and his boundaries to be set,” he told her. “The second thing is, after my multiple speeches with the crew about boundaries, about respect, did you not go to Margot and say, ‘Poor Luke, I wish he would come in and see me’?”

what happened on below deck down under luke and laura

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“I actually went to her and asked how she’s feeling and is she OK,” Laura claimed.

“She’s not OK. They’re not OK,” Captain Jason responded. “They feel there’s a big disconnect now, and it’s not what I want from my team. You’ve disrespected exactly what I set out to do.”

“OK, but I understood what you said, I respect it,” Laura replied.

“You didn’t show that,” Jason added. “For you to go to Margot and say that shows you did not listen to a word I said about boundaries — and it showed little respect and empathy to Margot. I’m trying to move forward as a team, I’m trying to get that behind us and you’ve brought it straight back up, so in that I’m going to terminate your employment today.”

Laura responded: “Wow”. “But I don’t think I have done something wrong that I need to be terminated. Can you give me a warning?” The captain made it clear his decision was final and Laura’s employment on the ship came to and end.

Laura has since apologised about her behaviour on the ship. After the scenes aired, Laura issued an apology to her crew mates on her Instagram story, which has since been made private.

“My sincere apologies to Adam, I did not realise I made him feel uncomfortable and no one should be put in that position,” she wrote.

“And to Margot to not been able to empathise. I was 29 when the show was filmed, 30 was my life-changer. I am 31 now and I am watching it as all of you, an entertainment show.”

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