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Binged all of The Bold Type in one sitting? Here are 10 shows just like it to watch next

Or maybe you’ve just got too much time on your hands

The BBC comes through once again, and this time it’s by putting all five seasons of The Bold Type onto BBC iPlayer. Season five aired in the US back in 2021, however it never made its way to Netflix. The streaming service has since removed all seasons of the show and now the UK can finally have its moment. As there are only six episodes of The Bold Type season five, you’ve probably binged them all and have no idea what to do with yourself. So if you’ve not already planned to rewatch The Bold Type from season one, here are all the shows like it you can watch instead.

1. Never Have I Ever

via Netflix

Never Have I Ever is simply the best Netflix original sitcom, and even though it has come to an end, it’s still worth watching from start to finish. The series follows Devi Vishwakumar and as navigates her final years at high school, grieving the loss of her father, battling her academic rival and falling in love with the popular student. There’s a lot. She has also has her two best friends, Fabiola and Eleanor helping her along the way.

All episodes and seasons of Never Have I Ever are available to watch on Netflix.

2. Grown-ish

via Disney+

Grown-ish is the spin-off to ABC’s Black-ish, which followed Zoey and Junior as they left home and went to college. The series follows the siblings navigate the early stages of adulthood and moving out of their family homes.

Grown-ish ran for six seasons and all episodes are available to watch on Disney+.

3. The Sex Lives of College Girls

Shows like The Bold Type

via ITV

The Sex Lives of College Girls follows four college students, Kimberly, Bella, Leighton and Whitney, as they get used to living away from home and exploring romantic and sexual relationships. The series stars Reneé Repp, Pauline Chalamet, Amrit Kaur and Alyah Chanelle Scott.

All episodes of The Sex Lives of College Girls are available to watch to Max or ITVX for my UK girlies out there.

4. Insecure

via Netflix

Based on Issa Rae’s web series Awkward Black Girl, Insecure follows Issa and Molly trying to find their place in the world as Black women, all while navigating romantic relationships, friendships and their careers.

All episodes of Insecure are available to watch on Netflix.

5. Good Trouble

via Disney+

Good Trouble is the spin-off to The Fosters, which sees Callie and Mariana move to Los Angeles to start their careers. The series explores the friendship between Callie and Mariana as they try to figure out their new lives whilst making new friends, dating and facing adulthood head on.

Good Trouble is available to watch on Disney+.

6. Emily in Paris

Shows like The Bold Type

via Netflix

While many people have qualms with Emily in Paris, it is iconic nonetheless. When Emily moves to Paris for work, Emily must learn to adjust to the culture, while juggling her love life and new job.

All episodes of Emily in Paris are available to watch on Netflix.

7. Ugly Betty

via Disney+

America Ferrera became a household name for her portrayal as Betty Suarez in ABC’s Ugly Betty. The series follows Betty who gets a job at  fashion magazine, Mode. Betty is often poked fun at by her co-workers because of her style, or lack thereof but she later proves herself.

All episodes of Ugly Betty are available to watch on Disney+.

8. Dear White People

via Netflix

Dear White People is set in a fictional, predominantly white, Ivy League college and the series uses humour to highlight the modern issues involved race in America. The series attempts to start a conversation about social issues, following the lives of different students across the university.

All episodes of Dear White People are available to watch on Netflix.

9. Derry Girls

Shows like The Bold Type

via Netflix

Derry Girls is one of the best coming-of-age sitcoms to ever grace Channel 4. The series follows a group of school friends as they navigate being a teenager during the political conflict in the 1990s in Northern Ireland.

All episodes of Derry Girls are available to watch on Channel 4 and Netflix.

10. Sex and the City

Shows like The Bold Type

via Netflix

If you somehow haven’t watched this iconic series before, Sex and the City follows the sex lives of four women living in New York City. The series focuses on female friendships, and had some of the most groundbreaking moments in television when it first came out.

All episodes of Sex and the City are available to watch on Max, along with the reboot.

All seasons of The Bold Type are available to watch in BBC iPlayer now. For all the latest reality TV and entertainment news and gossip, like Pop Culture Shrine on Facebook

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