Steve Jones love life

Hollywood A-listers and TV icons: A look inside This Morning’s Steve Jones’ wild love life

He once called Halle Berry a ‘lovely lady’

This Morning has found its new presenter and it is none other than Steve Jones, who is making his daytime television comeback. Steve made his This Morning debut alongside Josie Gibson and viewers have been delighted with the newest addition.

Over the years, Steve Jones has had quite the wild life following his rise to fame in 2000s as the host of T4. Jones attempted to make it in the US, but instead he had a fair share of high profile relationships with a number of Hollywood stars and some British TV icons.

It’s been Steve Jones’ love life that has been a talking point ever since he was announced as the new This Morning presenter. So now he’s back on our tellies, here’s a look inside Steve Jones’ love life.

Pamela Anderson

Steve’s first high profile relationship was with none other than Baywatch star Pamela Anderson. It began following his interview with her on T4 in 2004. She later revealed they had a couple of “trysts”. Um, what?!

Pamela returned to the UK to try and start something with Steve, but that was before she found out he was in a relationship.

When she found out, Pamela said: “Oh, Steve has a new girlfriend? Sh*t. I had no idea. Sh*t. I wouldn’t have come back to London if I had known that. He just texted me last night. He didn’t say anything. Oh sh*t.”

She added that she still loved him, saying he was “great” and “the best”. “I love his accent. He should’ve warned me about his girlfriend though,” she said at the time.

Angelina Jolie

It just gets even crazier! Back in the day, Angelina Jolie took an interest in Steve and reportedly asked for his number. Jones previously described the Maleficent star as “actually pretty normal really. Likes a laugh”.


Hayden Panettiere

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Hayden Panettiere

In 2009, Steve had a whirlwind romance with American actress, Hayden Panettiere. The pair met during dinner at Nobu in Mayfair while out with a group of friends.

Steve and Hayden then went on a romantic trip to the South of France and attended the Cannes Film Festival.

Hayden admitted she called their relationship off, with the distance playing a big factor.

“I’m single and mingling. Steve lives in London, the distance is a bit too much,” she said at the time.

“Cannes was a great experience. I was on vacation and some friends were going so I decided to come along. It was fun.”

Halle Berry

Halle Berry also once swapped number with the This Morning presenter, following her split from Eric Benet. It has been reported Steve was so keen he made a 12,000 mile round trip from London to LA so they could have dinner together.

While he didn’t say too much about their romance, he did tell The Sun: “I’m not saying much about it, a gentleman never tells. She’s going through a hard time and I don’t want to add to it. But she is a lovely lady.”

Alex Jones

In the early 2000s, Steve dated The One Show host Alex Jones. Alex later revealed she dumped Alex after he told her former bosses she was too sick to interview Angelina Jolie, so he could interview her instead. Cheeky!

Alex said: “I was staying in his flat at the time when I was working in London and he picked up the landline and said, ‘Al’s not here. She’s not feeling well, she’s had to go back to Cardiff’. I was in Topshop. So he did the interview.”

Honourable mentions

Over the years Steve has dated other people but their relationships haven’t been heavily publicised. It has been reported Steve dated Denise Van Outen, Fearne Cotton and Amy Nuttall.

Phylicia Jackson


Despite a number of romances over the years, Steve Jones is now happily married. Steve met his wife, Phylicia Jackson, while in LA filming The X Factor USA in 2011.

The couple got married in 2014 and Steve took her surname. He told The Sun: “I am so bored of being called Jones. Everyone in Wales is called Jones, so I had this amazing opportunity to become Jackson- Jones — to hyphenate that bit — and I went for it. I love it. It is awesome.”

Steve and Phylicia are not thought to have any children but have previously spoken about owning two dogs.


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