laws of girlhood

Just nine unofficial and unspoken laws of girlhood we all religiously abide by

Oh how I love being a woman

The most special, unbeatable, magical thing this Earth has to offer – girlhood. Since Billie Eilish’s new single What Was I Made For? stormed our screens a month ago, girlhood has flooded our TikTok For You Pages, reminding us of how wonderful it is to be a woman. We’ve had trends such as girl code, girl dinner and girl math, and together they form what we know and love – girlhood. Despite the downfalls we may encounter in life, us girls will all get through it together. It’s time to get in your feels and reminisce over the nine, non negotiable laws of girlhood. If you obey by these rules, you’ll live nothing short of a bliss life.

Here are nine unofficial laws of girlhood we all abide by:

1. Girls before boys


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This is a staple and forms a major part of girl code. Boys come and go, girls are forever. They’re there for you in your darkest moments, whether you’ve been screwed over by a boy or you’re simply going through a tough time – probably because of a boy as well, let’s be real. Girls are the only constants in your life. They complete your little jigsaw puzzle.

2. Always hold hands through crowds

This is one of the most important unspoken laws of girlhood we share. When faced with a big crowd, you must hold hands and follow the brave soul that has taken it upon herself to lead the team. It’s even better if you find another train of girls and join them holding hands to make an indestructible girl train. It doesn’t matter if you have just met, your natural instinct is to reach your hand out and guide each other through the crowds. No one can ever break that train.


Girlhood at its finest #girlhood #girltrain #festivals

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3. ABBA = happiness

What girl doesn’t love to shout ABBA songs at the top of their lungs? Their lyrics are just too relatable. They have a special place in every girl’s heart. It’s probably fair to say that most of us would spend our entire savings on an ABBA reunion. You have to have at least one Mamma Mia movie day every year, where you rewatch the ultimate film of your girlhood and get in your feels, it’s the rules.

4. Girl math is the only math

Girl math is the solution to your financial problems. It’s a constant reason to treat yourself. Whether it’s paying with cash because it’s free, returning clothing to earn profit, or splashing out on food because it’s a necessity, so technically isn’t costing any money. Girl math will have you covered. After all, us girls deserve constant rewards.

5. You pay each other back with anything but money

laws of girlhood

Part of girl math is never owing your friends physical money. They buy you lunch, so you buy them lunch next time. They pay for the Uber, so you get them a drink on your next night out. You constantly take it in turns to return their favours and in the end, it all equals out. Problem solved.

6. Your wardrobe is their wardrobe, their wardrobe is your wardrobe

Sharing clothes just screams girlhood. If you don’t have half your bestie’s clothes lying around your room, are they even your bestie? But what about if you’re different sizes, or if one’s tall and the other is short? You just make it work, there is always something from your bestie’s wardrobe that will fit you. Despite all these clothes you share, it’s still in the rules that you can never have too many clothes. Shopping trips are always mandatory.

7. Starbucks is always needed to help with stress

You may think it’s cringy, but your sugar free vanilla iced latte with oat milk gives you comfort you didn’t realise you needed. No wonder it’s such a popular tradition in girl culture to have Starbucks. Have an essay due? Get a Starbucks to help you through it. Wanting to go on a hot girl walk? Grab your Starbucks on the way. Struggling to stay motivated? A Starbucks will do the trick. The world would be a very different place without our cups of joy.

8. Girl dinner is a must


People werent joking about the prices here lmao #girldinner #ibiza

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Don’t judge us girls for our girl dinners. They are convenient, quick and tackle our cravings. They range from the Gigi Hadid vodka pasta, to the humble bread and butter. If we crave a girl dinner, we’re going to have a girl dinner. There’s something so aesthetically pleasing about it.

9. Get ready together

I saved the best until last. One of the most precious laws of girlhood is getting ready for a night out. You’re listening to ABBA, wine in your hand, both stationed at your own mirror doing your makeup and styling each other’s hair. You’re talking rubbish about anyone and everyone and spending half the night making TikToks and taking photos. The getting ready beats the actual night out every time. The boys really are missing out.

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