Violet Kennerk

TikTok editor

Violet Kennerk
Bournemouth University

Student trends, popular culture, Netflix, Love Island, Dating apps, Drunk Interviews, Gilmore Girls, Reality TV

  • Violet's role on the editorial team is to focus on boosting views and followers on TikTok. To ensure this, she is in regular contact with club owners in York and on the look out for events taking place in which she can conduct TikTok interviews, such as interviewing Big John…
  • Violet's area of expertise is definitely in terms of conducting interviews. She can persuade people to give the York Tab free tickets to literally any event! She has even granted the York Tab team free access to some weekly club nights and has made herself known with the big York…
  • The York Tab itself is a hobby for Violet. As well as preparing her for her future career, she enjoys organising interviews and focusing on increasing engagement with the York Tab's social media platforms. Next academic year (2024-25) Violet is studying abroad to study modules at a partner University that…


Violet has experience in conducting many interviews with students based on current trends in the student world. She has also engaged in training to enhance her knowledge of the social media industry and ensure the York Tab is increasing in popularity and engagement with students nationally


Violet is currently studying History at the University of York. Next academic year she will visit a partner University abroad to study Media and Journalism, then continue her undergraduate degree in 2026


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