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Sabrina Bahsoon tube girl TikTok

She’s going viral on TikTok rn, so who is Durham grad Sabrina Bahsoon aka Tube Girl?

Social anxiety is scared of her

If you’ve been on TikTok recently you’ve almost certainly seen Sabrina Bahsoon’s viral videos, who is now better known as ‘Tube girl’. Sabrina’s videos consist of her absolutely slaying down some camera angles whilst on the London Underground, using the wind to give her hair that music video quality to it.

Completely unintimidated by onlookers, and somehow always looking absolutely stunning despite the underground heat, she’s who we should all aspire to be. But who is Sabrina and when did she start making her now signature TikToks?


Getting litty with my girlies have me acting silly on the tube 🤪 #tubegirl

♬ where dem girls at – fee✩

Sabrina is a 22-year-old international student from Malaysia and she has just graduated from the University of Durham where she studied law. So yes, she does have lots of absolutely gorgeous Durham ball content on her TikTok.

Her first Tube TikTok was posted at the start of August and has over 350k likes. The camera style is reminiscent of those angles, with sharp turns and an overall zoomed out effect. Usually paired with some Nicki Minaj she truly is the master of the 0.5 camera angle.

The wind has to be a paid actor as whenever I’m on the Tube and the wind blows it sticks to my lipbalm and I look like a right mess, Sabrina genuinely looks like a runway model. And whether she’s strutting on the Tube platform or on the actual Tube herself, she is giving the most confident performance of her life and I’m here for it.


For the girls who get it ✨get it ✨ #tubegirl

♬ original sound – roux

Since her TikToks have started getting bigger she’s been invited to more PR events from massive brands like NYX, you go girl. And other creators on TikTok have started using her as inspo to do their own ‘Tube Girl’ videos. She truly is a cultural icon.


This wasnt as embarrassing to film as I thought it would be

♬ original sound – habz.fx

Sabrina is also signed to The Hive management, a London based model agency that “represents an exciting board of unique and inspirational faces.” On her LinkedIn it says she is currently working as a Mathematics and LNAT tutor, can you imagine THE Tube girl being your tutor, I’d honestly die. Might need to see if she can start tutoring me in self confidence tbh.

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