youngest members of the MAFS cast

A roundup of the youngest ever brides and grooms cast on MAFS UK

Imagine getting married at 25

For most people, having some vague savings at the end of the month is enough of a challenge at 25. But for the youngest ever MAFS UK cast members, they decided that they wanted to add getting married to a complete stranger into the mix.

Prepare to feel old, and also slightly like you’re behind in life, as we break down who the youngest members of the MAFS UK cast have been over the years.

Paul Liba – 26

Paul is the youngest groom of the current season of MAFS UK, and is married to Tasha, who is one of the youngest cast members ever. Paul has said he wants to “meet his soulmate once and for all,” so let’s hope for his sake Tasha is his.

Megan Wolfe – 26

26 year old Megan appeared on MAFS UK in 2021, and brought some drama to her season by cheating on her partner. Megan was originally married to Bob, but ended up cheating on him with Jordan Mundell. Bob and Megan stayed on the show to see if there could still be an emotional connection, but left the show before the final commitment ceremony.

Tasha Jay – 25

Tasha is one of the youngest MAFS UK cast members, both in this series and ever. The 25 year old is paired up with Paul, and we’ll have to wait and see whether they’re still together or not, once the series is over.

Tayah Victoria – 25

Tayah from series six was just 25 when she joined the cast of MAFS UK, making her one of the youngest cast members ever. She went on to find true love on MAFS UK with her partner Adam, with the two welcoming a baby girl to their family earlier this year.

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