Christian girl autumn

Christian girl autumn is upon us, but who actually is the woman behind the Starbucks cup?

Time to get out the knee high boots

Christian girl autumn is to the season, what Mariah Carey is to Christmas. The aesthetic is instantly recognisable, and consists of wide brim hats, oversized wool sweaters, over the knee boots, and of course, a Starbucks pumpkin spiced latte. So who exactly is Caitlin Covington, the influencer behind the iconic Christian girl autumn aesthetic?

But who is the woman behind the boots? In August 2019, Caitlin Covington accidentally became the face of Christian girl autumn, after Isabella Markel turned a picture of her into a popular meme.

While discussing how the meme went viral, Isabella said, “I was just looking at clothes, women’s outfits, the Christian girl aesthetic or whatever—the skinny jeans and the big bag. I just thought it was so funny and I just kept on using these pictures. They’re actually kind of bad bitches if you think about it. It’s camp. It’s high-level camp.”

Caitlin responded to the meme saying, “I can’t deny that I love fall and everything that goes along with it! When it comes to fall, I totally admit to being basic, and I’m okay with that.”

“I’m a daughter, friend, wife, and an expecting mother. I’m a gay rights and Black Lives Matter supporter, and I think all people should be accepted for who they are. I think if someone sat down with me for fifteen minutes, they would see that, too.”

The meme’s creator Isabella started transitioning, and Caitlin reshared and donated to her GoFundMe account saying, “FYI this is the creator of the Christian Girl autumn meme, please help & donate to the GoFundMe if you can!”

Caitlin said she’d followed Natasha’s journey on social media and wanted to do her part to support her friend.

“Isabella has been vulnerable about her transition and about the struggle to be accepted by her friends and family, which I think is so courageous,” she said. “I support her decision 100 per cent, I am always in favour of people embracing who they really are and feeling confident in their own skin and finding happiness.”

Alongside drinking litres of pumpkin spiced lattes Caitlin also runs her own blog, Southern Curls and Pearls, which she started as an undergraduate at university.

In order to make sure she gets the best autumnal content she makes a yearly pilgrimage to Vermont. Getting the perfect pictures is so vital to Caitlin, that she actually monitors the foliage reports for weeks, to make sure that she visits Vermont when they’re at their most orange and crispy. On past trips, she’d sometimes arrived either “too early or too late to see the yellows, reds and oranges in all their splendour.”

I don’t think I’ve ever done anything in my life with that much dedication.

Oh, and I know you’re all wondering how she likes her pumpkin spiced lattes. She prefers them slightly toned down, with just two pumps of flavoured syrup instead of six.

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