University of Manchester announces Nightline closure

The service provided confidential overnight support for students

The University of Manchester’s Students’ Union has confirmed the permanent closure of Nightline, a service providing help and support to students between the hours of 8pm-8am.

The project was ran by volunteer students, for students. It provided confidential, anonymous support overnight to University of Manchester students via text, email or phone call. They were able to provide a wide range of information, and could point students in the direction of someone who could offer advice.

Nightline posted on Instagram, and in their statement outlined alternative ways students can seek support, some of which are listed here:

Nightline added in their post “we as volunteers are devasted by this news but we understand that this situation is beyond our control. We want to thank all of you for support, love and help we received over those years.” The last slide of their post read “Thank you for trusting us over all those years, and thank you to all our amazing volunteers, supporters and committee members. You are true heroes.”

The statement provided by the Students’ Union in regards to the closure was brief, however recognised the “dedication volunteers past and present have contributed, something they should take great pride in”. They continued by saying they had offered them counselling through university services, and “providing alternative volunteering opportunities so they can continue to channel their passions for helping students here in Manchester” as well as providing alternative support links.

Featured images via Instagram @manchester_nightline

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