Love Island Sammy and Jess breakup

They’ve been over for a week?! Everything Jess has said about her breakup with Sammy

She’s an unbothered queen

Sammy and Jess from Love Island season 10 announced their breakup earlier this week, after speculation that the two had split. Soon, after Sammy posted a lengthy statement on his Instagram story, explaining the breakup had blindsided him. Jess has now addressed the breakup, by answering questions through an Instagram Q&A.

One follower asked Jess, “How are you doing since your split?”, to which Jess replied, “It’s been over a week now since we split, so I’m getting there. We shared a once-in-a-lifetime experience together so of course I’m sad.”

This is completely different to what Sammy said in his statement, as he explained that the public breakup had come as a surprise.

When asked by another follower the reason for their split, Jess said, “I really don’t want to go into detail by doing a big statement but we’re just very different and behave differently and that’s it.” I’m living for the shade of her response.

When asked what’s next for Love Island’s Jess, she answered, “I want to work on myself and really make the most of the opportunity I have been given. Winning Love Island was the best thing ever and I am still grateful for everyone who voted for us. My In The Style collection will be landing soon so I have lots to keep me busy!”

Since the two Love Island winners have split, Sammy and Jess have both been up to some classic messy behaviour. Both of them have unpinned their posts of each other and removed their highlights on Instagram. Jess is currently in Ibiza and was seen being picked up and carried by a mystery man. And you know what, good for her.

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