Did JJ from MAFS UK and Ella B from Love Island date?

Hang on, JJ from MAFS UK and Ella B from Love Island dated on and off for three years?!

It’s the crossover we never knew we needed

Wait a minute, are JJ and Ella B giving us the Love Island and MAFS UK crossover we never knew we needed? JJ recently spoke about his relationship with the Love Island star in an interview with Heat, saying that the two, “dated over a couple of years sporadically.”

JJ clarified his relationship history with Ella B, explaining, “We were never in a relationship. Ella Barnes and I dated over a couple of years sporadically, a few dates here and there so we’ve never actually been in a relationship and now we’re friends. There’s nothing really else to say. We’re friends now but we dated in the past.”

Before his wedding ceremony with 29-year-old Bianca, JJ confessed he previously dated a Victoria’s Secret Model, having lived out in Los Angeles.

He said, “My ex is a Victoria’s Secret model, amazing to look at. I loved going out with her. She was really, really pretty.”

However, the MAFS UK groom went on to admit the un-named model cheated on him, adding, “She cheated on me. It was horrible and it hurt me a lot. It was probably one of the worst things I’ve been through.”

As for Ella B, she was recently broken up with by Mitch after he described her as, “wifey material, just not for me.”

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