‘The environment wasn’t working’: Channel 4 responds to Brad’s removal from MAFS UK

The relationships are monitored by a psychologist throughout the show

Channel 4 has released a full statement on its decision to remove Brad from the MAFS UK experiment. A spokesperson for Channel 4 said the show’s experts had agreed the MAFS UK “environment was not working for the couple,” and the pair’s exit would play out during the series.

“The couple’s exit plays out in the show. It was agreed with experts Paul, Mel and Charlene that the intensive Married at First Sight environment was not working for the couple and was the right time to leave the experiment.”

The statement added that the relationships of the couples are “closely monitored” and if any relationship is deemed “potentially unhealthy”, expert psychological advice is taken.

“The relationships on Married at First Sight UK are closely monitored off-screen, by production and an independent psychologist.

“If any of the relationships develop in a way that is deemed to be potentially unhealthy for either party, we would take expert psychological advice as to whether it was time for them to leave the process.

“The welfare of all contributors on Married at First Sight UK is our top priority and we ensure that appropriate support is available to contributors at all times during filming, including 24/7 access to a member of the welfare team or psych support.”

The announcement comes after scenes aired last week which appeared to show Brad telling Shona to “shut up”. He also claimed that he had “allowed” Shona to feel all of the emotions that she wanted to.

After the scenes aired, domestic violence charity Women’s Aid made a statement which said, “It is really important that the experts on the show called this out as controlling behaviour and challenged Brad’s view that it was acceptable to say that he had the right to allow Shona to be angry.”

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