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Omg you guys, MAFS UK JJ’s Victoria’s Secret model ex-girlfriend has been revealed!

I can’t believe she’s actually real

Omg, JJ from MAFS UK wasn’t lying about his ex being a model! JJ’s Victoria’s Secret model ex-girlfriend has finally been revealed, and she’s actually real! Her name is Kelsie Jean Smeby, and she’s a model based in LA with over one million followers on Instagram!

JJ told the show’s relationship experts that his ex-girlfriend worked for Victoria’s Secret, while admitting that he has always chased “good looks” in a partner. Kelsie has also modelled for Fashion Nova and Guess.

JJ explained that the model cheating on him caused huge heartache, sparking his move back to Essex and desire to settle down with the right partner.

A MAFS UK show insider said: “JJ made some bold claims about his partying lifestyle in LA and the company he kept, and it’s not exaggerated. He had a wild and life-enhancing experience out there where he mixed with some real A-listers.

“JJ was loved up with Kelsie until the relationship broke down in the worst possible way for him. It’s the reason why his pals were hoping he was matched with a totally different type of girl on MAFS.”

Speaking on the show, he said, “My ex was a Victoria’s Secret model and amazing to look at, I loved going out with her, she was really, really, really pretty and the relationship was pretty wild.

“At the time I definitely thought that I was in love with her but if you’re going to play with fire then expect to get burnt.

“She cheated on me, it was horrible, and it hurt me a lot and it was probably one of the worst things that I’ve been through. I have been chasing the wrong type of girl and I’m aware of that now.”

JJ has been matched with business owner Bianca Petronzi, 30, who has questioned whether his heart is in their marriage after feeling a lack of affection from her husband during their honeymoon. Bianca vocalised her wants and needs in a relationship, including being tactile, but JJ was keen not to rush the process.

He had admitted on their wedding day to Bianca not being his “usual type” and the instant attraction he normally craves being missing. After meeting Bianca for the first time at the altar, he said, “I don’t want to sound disappointed, but it wasn’t love at first sight, it is difficult because she is a nice girl, but she isn’t like the girls that I usually go for.”

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