UK’s dullest man crowns Warwick Uni car park ‘Best of 2023’

Perhaps those extravagant student parking prices are worth it after all?

Kirby Corner, University House car park is not your average on-site university parking. With five floors, over 1300 extra wide parking bays, a stylish exterior and even solar panels – what more could you want? Surrounded by luscious greenery and with designated areas for car-sharers, this car park really signifies how fortunate Warwick students are to be surrounded by such architectural excellence everyday on campus – we won’t talk about the current state of the Humanities Building.

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The brilliance of this design was picked up on by the self-proclaimed “dullest man in Britain”: Kevin Beresford. After having previously ranked his hometown’s benches and produced calendars celebrating roundabouts as a member of the Dull Men’s Club, Mr Beresford declared that this car park on the West Midlands campus was the “best of 2023”.

“From my first viewing of the Kirby Corner car park, my initial impression was what a sleek building it is” explained Mr Beresford.

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“The building gets better as you enter. A very up-to-date contraction at the zenith of car park design.”

Whilst it remains unclear how many car parks Britain’s “dullest man” cross-compared to reach this monumental decision, Warwick students can drive with their heads held high knowing that their university offers a parking experience like no other.

Even if this experience will cost them a whopping £8 a day.

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A University of Warwick spokesperson said: “I am thrilled to express our heartfelt gratitude for the honour of being awarded ‘Car Park of the Year’ for our Kirby Corner, University House car park. This recognition marks our commitment to sustainability, convenience and aesthetics. We thank you for this prestigious acknowledgement.”

Whilst Warwick may not be thrashing Oxbridge in the league tables, at least we can enter the Kirby Corner car park with a sense of pride that no other Russel Group uni can compete with. And for questionable drivers like myself, at least we now know that we can use this car park’s wide parking bays to mask our awful reverse bay parking.

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