Partying with Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid: Inside the crazy LA life of JJ from MAFS UK

What would Kris Jenner have to say about this?

JJ from MAFS UK lived in LA for a number of years before deciding to return to the UK after his Victoria’s Secret model ex-girlfriend, Kelsie, cheated on him. And it seems like his life in LA was pretty crazy, after Instagram pictures have shown he used to party with Kendall Jenner and go to tennis matches with Gigi Hadid?!

A MAFS UK show insider said, “JJ made some bold claims about his partying lifestyle in LA and the company he kept, and it’s not exaggerated. He had a wild and life-enhancing experience out there where he mixed with some real A-listers.”


Via Instagram @johnjoeslater

JJ enjoyed an LA club night with Kendall Jenner and went to Wimbledon in 2013 with Gigi Hadid. He also seems to have been friends with Joey Essex, with Joey appearing in JJ’s old Instagram stories. Instagram pictures and stories from JJ’s time in LA show him frequently attending exclusive rooftop parties, clubs, and renting out expensive cars.

30-year-old JJ is a fashion brand owner from Essex. He owns his clothing brand Fully Blessed, which he started in 2020 and is described as “London based, LA influenced.” Fully Blessed has clothes and accessories that are “free from harmful substances and chemicals,” as well as being “sustainably and ethically manufactured and distributed.” The message behind the clothes is to produce “high quality, impactful products that act as reminders and inspire conversation.”

He’s also a partner at PiNK restaurant and nightclub in Essex, which as you might have guessed is decorated wall to wall with pink furniture and accessories.

Whilst JJ was in LA he met his ex-girlfriend, model Kelsie Jean Smeby, with over one million followers on Instagram! However, the two split after Kelsie cheated on JJ.

After his return to the UK JJ even dated Love Island star, Ella Barnes on and off for almost three years!

JJ has been matched with business owner Bianca Petronzi, 30, who has questioned whether his heart is in their marriage after feeling a lack of affection from her husband during their honeymoon. Bianca vocalised her wants and needs in a relationship, including being tactile, but JJ was keen not to rush the process.

He had admitted on their wedding day to Bianca not being his “usual type” and the instant attraction he normally craves being missing. After meeting Bianca for the first time at the altar, he said, “I don’t want to sound disappointed, but it wasn’t love at first sight, it is difficult because she is a nice girl, but she isn’t like the girls that I usually go for.”

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