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Bianca from MAFS UK reveals she didn’t even know JJ and Ella had met up behind her back

She described last night’s episode as ‘overwhelming’ and a ‘hard watch’

Bianca from MAFS UK has posted an Instagram story that describes how she felt watching last night’s episode where JJ and Ella first started talking to each other behind her back. She described it as a ‘hard watch’ and that ‘reliving the experience is overwhelming.’

It was recently reported that Ella cheats on Nathanial with JJ on MAFS UK. But if that wasn’t enough of a bombshell, the two then decide to re-enter the experiment as a new couple.

In upcoming episodes, Nathanial decides to leave the process after finding out that his wife Ella had kissed JJ behind his back. After being given permission by the show’s relationship experts, Ella and JJ then decide to re-enter MAFS UK as a new couple.

A TV source said: “Ella and Nathanial tried to take their relationship to the next level but agreed they were better off as friends.

“Nathanial was so disappointed by Ella’s actions, he thought they had mutual respect for each other, and kissing someone else in the process went against his values. Ella loved the attention she received from JJ because it’s what she missed in her marriage to Nathanial.

“After initially leaving the show when their marriages failed, Ella and JJ were given permission by the relationship experts to come back, which certainly ruffled feathers among the cast who have taken the process seriously from the beginning.”

On Thursday night’s MAFS UK show, there was a lot of tension between Ella and JJ, who both chose each other as the person they would like to kiss aside from their partner.

Bianca said in her story that: “Tonight was a hard watch… again. Tonight was the first time I witnessed Ella and JJ meeting up behind my back as I wasn’t even aware this scene happened.

“Although, thank you for your love and support and all your beautiful messages. I will get back to you all I promise.

“I’ll be signing off for the evening as relieving the experience is overwhelming and witnessing things I didn’t know hurts.”

JJ had made it clear since marrying Bianca that she isn’t his “usual type”, admitting during the show’s latest commitment ceremony that he prefers “girls that have had a lot of work done.” The couple have not even kissed, including on their honeymoon with JJ insisting he wanted to take a new approach on the show to his usual dating style.

He said: “My normal type is slightly different to Bianca, it’s been like girls that have had a lot of work done and they kind of all look the same. In this experiment, I wanted something deeper and more emotional.”

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